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Lacey Von Erich’s Biggest Supporter in TNA is…

It’s been a whirlwind month for Lacey Von Erich since she joined TNA last month. In fact, it’s only been one week since her debut aired and well, what’s come with it has been well documented.

You may wonder though, how did someone so green as Lacey VE land such a huge spot in TNA? Perhaps because her biggest supporter in the company is none other than TNA President, Dixie Carter.

As we reported, Dixie has set out to hire, for the most part, more ‘beautiful women’ going forward. Despite being extremely green in the ring, we’re told that Von Erichwas hired based on looks alone because Carter thought she was ‘gorgeous’.

No word on whether Carter is at all regretting that decision given some of the stuff that’s gone down in the past week. But even if she did, our source tells us that Dixie is notorious for ‘playing her cards closely’ and wouldn’t outright express her frustration.

Translation: it doesn’t look like Lacey is going anywhere, anytime soon.

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