Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Lana and Alicia Fox Try Not to Laugh in New Fine Brothers React Video

The Fine Brothers are at it again for one of their newest React videos on YouTube — and this time they’ve recruited a handful of WWE Superstars, including Lana and Alicia Fox, to watch a few funny videos…with a twist.

As the only female WWE wrestlers in the visual, Lana, along with husband Rusev, Alicia, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns and several others are shown a variety of funny videos, while given the task of not laughing or grinning while watching the clips.

Lana impressively remains in character throughout the whole video, hardly cracking under comedic pressure. However, Alicia can barely keep it together for most of the videos, especially during one in which a cute tabby cat misses his targeted landing.

How do you think your fave female wrestlers would have done in a React video like this? Which of them would you have liked to see in this clip? The Bella Twins? Eva Marie? Charlotte? Sasha? Send your thoughts!


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