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Lana highlights video of her training with Natalya

Lana has always been a WWE Superstar who has wanted to show more of what she can do inside a wrestling ring. For the past six weeks, Lana has continuously had matches with her tag team partner Natalya. She has also spent more time in the ring then Natalya during these matches.

Starting on the Aug. 31 episode of RAW, Lana has been in a match every week since then. Unfortunately, the outcomes for her haven’t been ideal as she has taken the pin each time and has gone through the announce table via Nia Jax on three different occasions. Those results aside, Lana has shown on her YouTube account just how hard she has been working lately.

During the video, it shows Lana & Natalya both working on their dynamic as a tag team and also Lana on her own skills. Lana is seen working with both Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan during the private training session. She mentions that she has been training at WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi’s gym as well.

She wants to give people hope and encouragement for others to go for their dreams. She feels that “slow and steady will win the race.”

What have you been thinking of Lana in the ring more often? Would you like to see more of her and maybe her and Natalya as the Women’s Tag Team Champions one day?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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