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Lance Storm Comments on Divas Division

Former WWE star, Lance Storm answered a question about the WWE Divas division on his official site recently. Read below:

Q: I know from the endorsement that Trish Stratus gave you for your SWA that you helped the women back in 2001-2003. Looking at how far women’s wrestling has fallen in WWE today, do you think you could, with a straight face, consistently help the current divas plan 1 minute and 40 second title matches?

A: I think the problem is bigger than just helping these girls plan matches. I think in many cases (certainly not all) the current women’s roster is not as talented and the office is booking them a lot less credibly, so just helping them put better matches together is not the problem, and if it were Fit Finlay is still with the company, he can do every bit as good of a job as I can at it and quite probably far better.

Not much to add to Storm’s comments that hasn’t been said a million times before. Obviously, it’s plain to see there is little to no storylining for the Divas these days, which sucks.

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