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Latest Update On Jinny’s WWE Status

There’s some news that has been reported from Fightful Select on the status of NXT UK Superstar Jinny. The NXT UK brand has come to an end as the company is heading for a rebrand into NXT Europe in 2023. With that, several talents were released from their contracts with the company and although Jinny wasn’t listed as one, her status has been questionable.

Last week, WWE removed the NXT UK roster from its official website roster. In doing so, it put the remaining members of the now former NXT UK brand and placed them in the “Current Superstar” section and did not assign them under a specific brand (Raw, SmackDown, NXT). Jinny’s profile was moved to the “Alumni” section hinting that she may no longer be with the company.

According to Fightful’s report, they asked WWE official capacity if Jinny had departed from the company. The source they spoke to said they hadn’t been informed of such a move. They did confirm that Jinny had been dealing with an injury and hadn’t been in the United States the last few weeks. This was news that Jinny confirmed herself on social media. She posted that she was waiting on supporting documents and old passport which contained her US visa. She was set to travel to the United States for medical treatment for an injury this week.

Jinny has not wrestled or been on programming since November 2021. She has been doing work with BT Sport during her time away from the ring.

It was also confirmed that Jinny was not considered for the Maxxine Dupri role despite many fans thinking the role could have gone to her. She has been battling her undisclosed injury.

WWE has not officially announced any status for Jinny nor has she confirmed it herself. She posted the following below on Twitter just a few moments ago.

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