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Latest Updates To Rhea Ripley’s Injury Status

On the June 20 episode of Raw, it was confirmed that Rhea Ripley was not medically cleared to compete in her upcoming championship match. She was originally scheduled to face Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship on July 2 at Money in the Bank.

On Raw, her removal from the match was not detailed in saying why she was not medically cleared. Most viewers speculated due to the injury she sustained to her teeth in the Fatal 4-way which led her to become the number one contender. That is part of it, but Ripley would clarify another concern.

In response to a commenter on her Instagram post who had said that Ripley “You don’t look injured like someone said” to which she replied with “brain/teeth. Can’t see a brain injury. Stop being incompetent and reaching at nothing.”

Following this comment from Ripley a report from the Wrestling Observer has come out to state she shouldn’t be missing in action for long.

“Her teeth were knocked loose in a match and she had braces put in. The braces were evident on her the last time she was on TV. But the other thing must have been…when she says her brain, that usually means a concussion,” per Dave Meltzer.

“The two things that WWE doesn’t like to talk about are COVID and concussions,” he continued. 

“She didn’t quite use the word ‘concussion’ but she had a brain injury is what she said. She’s not going to be on the pay-per-view obviously. They made that very clear, but it’s not expected to be a long-term absence either. She’s expected to be back fairly soon.” 

Bianca Belair did make reference on Raw that they will likely clash in the future.

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