Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Layla Lays Claim to ECW Throne

It’s no secret that I’m partial to some Layla, the Diva continues to grow and shine in the debilitating women’s division that is WWE’s. I guess top brass doesn’t pay attention to ECW (actually, come to think of it – does anyone?) otherwise they’d probably fire the show’s head writer for God forbid, allowing Layla some screen time and character development. Layla showed just that on last night’s show, proving what I’ve suspected for a while now – she could be one of the best Divas to come out of the Diva Search well… ever!

In fact, I think Layla transcends WWE! Anyone got the number for Usher’s people, so we can get her in his next video? Check out Layla putting Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres in their places on last night’s show:

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