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Layla Training for WWE Ring Return, May Not Be Back in Time for WrestleMania

Layla and Sgt. Slaughter appear on NBC Miami.

Injured WWE Diva Layla has told NBC Miami that she is training for her in-ring return to WWE following an ACL and MCL tear last year, however, there is a chance that she may not be back by WrestleMania 28 on April 1st. The event is set to take place in her hometown of Miami.

Layla, who was injured in May last year, has been rehabbing and recently began wrestling training to prepare for her return. The former Women’s Champion didn’t reveal when she’d be returning to TV, but “hopes to return soon”, says NBC Miami.

The website adds, however: “There’s still a chance, however, that Layla may not be able to compete in the annual extravaganza”, referring to ‘Mania in Miami.

Additionally, the British star commented on her eventual return: “I’m going to bring excitement and entertainment, and I want people to want to watch the divas wrestle. And I’ll be back stronger than ever, and ready to take over the diva’s division.”

Thoughts: With an injury as serious as this, Layla shouldn’t come back too early just for the sake of it, but make sure she is fully healed and ready to return to the ring. In the past, WWE has rushed other Divas who’ve suffered ACL tears into returning sooner than they should have and it doesn’t help anyone. It would be sad if Layla missed ‘Mania in her hometown, but her being 100% healed is what is most important.

As always, our best wishes to Layla during her recovery.

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