Monday, February 26, 2024

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Layla’s A Bad Girl, A Bad Girl

She can be your addiction if you wanna get hooked on her! Layla is looking fierce in a new photoshoot, with the words “Bad Girl” written on her tee. A subtle hint to the Divas taking supporting roles in Danity Kane’s new music video or just coincidence? It seems to me that Layla was destined to be a music video leading lady (and not of the 50 Cent variety) all her life! This could be her big break, today Danity Kane, tomorrow Usher! In fact, Layla is far hotter than Keri Hilson who appeared in Usher’s vid for Love In This Club.

I have to say, although I like her outfit and the concept of the shoot with the chair; her hair and facial expressions aren’t working for me. The hair is just too “Got out of bed.” Check out the full set of pictures here.

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