Monday, July 22, 2024

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Layla’s in a Dark Phase, Apparently

Layla had been making her name as of late as William Regal’s tugging toy (watch the hair, man!) but her new photoshoot, “Lookin’ Good” shows us the old, assertive Layla we know and love. Both looks that she sports are dominated by black tones, but she wears it well. In the first look, I’m kinda iffy on the business-like skirt paired with the sequined top and spiky boots – it just doesn’t mesh well. I love the jewelry, though. The gold bangles spice it up just the right amount. The second look, a halter top and jeans combo, work together a whole lot more. However both dark looks, when paired together, make it a little uninteresting. May I say: wear some color, girl! I know the old Diva Search hyper-all-the-time Layla would be gasping at the monotony of it all.

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