Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Well That’s Interesting… I Think…

candice-heelAn interesting thing happened at the Raw house show last night and by interesting I mean, interesting if you’re one of Candice‘s two fans. In a strange turn of events, Melina and Candice worked a match together. Huh? But they’re both faces? *Whispers and gasps fill the air*

The seemingly forgotten Raw Diva who has been playing second fiddle of late to Kelly Kelly, apparently worked heel during the match with the #1 Contender for the Women’s Championship. Melina picked up the victory and the pair then, however, embraced in a friendly hug.

Candice as a heel again? I guess they’re trying to find some use for her since Kelly pretty much fills her old spot much better than Candice ever did. But at this point isn’t pushing Candice like flogging a dead horse? I guess you could say Candice peaked too soon *Restrained giggle*


EDIT: Candice again worked heel last night in her hometown of Wisconsin, read the fan report below:

Technically this match made me drowsy. Candice and Melina however have great ring presence.  What is the most interesting thing to note in this bout is that Candice absolutely turned heel around the mid way point.  She faked an injury to the point where the ref gave the sign for the EMTs in the back to come out…she kept that whole thing going until Melina herself went to check on her and Candice rolled her up…1,2….and Melina kicks out.  Candice played heel all the way to the end and even when she headed to the back.  Melina used her signature split kick for the finisher and squeaked the win.  If Candice is being set up to turn heel on television – she has a real shot of making that work for her.  She played heel to perfection tonight.

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