Monday, December 4, 2023

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Like “Space Jam”, but Without the Talking Cartoon Characters

Well, for those of you who were upset at the lack of Candice, Maryse, or Kelly in last week’s “March Madness: First Round” photoshoot, you can go ahead and have your hissy fit, because the “Second Round” is up, and it’s the same Divas as last time, just different poses. There’s not much to say, as it’s not too different. Although, I must say that Michelle McCool has probably already won the title for “Dumbest Pose of the Year” with that one where she’s sitting IN the hoop. Really? REALLY? Sigh.. Maybe there will be more Divas coming along in photoshoots for the Elite Eight and Final Four. I hope so, because it looks like the inspirational well has run dry for some of these girls.

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