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Raw Redux – March 23, 2009


Well I guess you can’t really accuse WWE of not building up to the Divas battle royal at WrestleMania 25, because that’s exactly what it was about on Raw this week. Except it was a buildup no-one actually wanted to see. Instead we get shits-and-giggles booking with Santino wanting to take part in the Miss WrestleMania match. Instead of announcing some of the legends that will take part in order to actually push the event to us Diva fans, it looks like we’re get a Santino-centric build instead. Funny that, considering he’s not even a Diva.

Then there’s the ropes and hog-tying, a nice little blast from the past for Mickie James there. It’s true what they say, all the skills you pick up in the past can be useful in your career. Who knew Mickie’s fetish tricks would find use on Raw?

Without taking into consideration that WrestleMania is just under two weeks away, this match was a nice little comedy skit. It did provoke a few laughs, so in that respect it works. But with ‘Mania around the corner, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for the Divas. Not to mention, an intergender match does leave one a little ‘shortchanged’ when that’s your load of Divas action for the week (on Raw).

It was nice to see the attention back on Mickie James for a change. I love Melina and she is the Women’s Champion, but it is cool to see them mix it up and give Mickie some time this week. And it didn’t hurt to have Melina at ringside. I guess they never really explained why Kelly or Melina were at ringside with Mickie, which makes it a little odd considering they usually love to spell everything out for the audience. We know why they were there, they just didn’t make it explicit.

Not much else to discuss here, to be honest. I’m guessing Santino may get a second shot at redemption next week against Melina or Kelly? I have a feeling he will eventually get into the match now that Candice has been dropped.


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