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Lilian Garcia Discusses Her Return to WWE After Being Hit by a Car

As reported earlier this week, WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia returned to work this past Tuesday for the first time since being struck by a car in Los Angeles in October.

The Diva was hit by a car while working out and received treatment for head head, back and neck trauma.

Speaking about her return to television on tonight’s episode of SmackDown, Lilian told “I actually had butterflies in my stomach driving up to the arena. After 11 years [in WWE], you’d think this would be old hat to me, but it all feels new again.”

“It’s been overwhelming in a good way, and our fans definitely helped pull me through it. They were the reason I worked so hard with physical therapists and chiropractors to be able to come back.”

The article also notes that Lilian is still receiving physical therapy three times a week.

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