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Lilian Garcia For Miss WrestleMania Contest?

In a slightly weird-but-wonderful twist, it looks like Lilian Garcia may find her in contention for the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ title. Yes, WWE management is contemplating putting the veteran ring announcer in the match as “a rib”, according to the Wrestling Globe Newsletter.

I say weird-but-wonderful, because in a sense Lilian’s involvement would be fitting. If all of the Divas are involved, why not Lilian? She has been with the company for 10 years and surely deserves to battle for the title of ‘Miss WrestleMania’ just like the other Divas? Tiffany is an ‘assistant’ and not really a Diva-Diva either and she’s in it right?

Then on the other hand, Lilian has never been part of the wrestling side of things and that’s what makes her unique. It’s a puzzling predicament.

My opinion on the matter is only to put her in the match if she wants to be in it. If not, I think it would be fitting to have her announce the match as she’s a Diva herself. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear her announce Trish Stratus one more time?

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