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Lilian Garcia Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston with ‘I Will Always Love You’ Cover (Audio)

WWE’s “The Voice” has paid tribute to music’s “The Voice” in a touching cover of one of her biggest hits.

The world is still reeling following the death of legendary music star Whitney Houston, aged 48, who passed away in her Los Angeles hotel room on Saturday, February 11th.

We’ve seen an outpouring of touching tributes dedicated to the icon, including Jennifer Hudson — who is, of course, engaged to WWE star David Otunga — performing a beautiful stripped back rendition of her monster hit I Will Always Love You last night at the Grammy Awards. But now, we can add another cover to that list of tributes.

WWE Diva and singer Lilian Garcia has paid tribute to Whitney by uploading her rendition of I Will Always Love You on her YouTube channel.

Lilian writes: “I grew up singing all of Whitney Houston’s songs as she was a big influence on me and and someone I vocally aspired to be. Some years ago, I recorded one of my favorite songs of hers, ‘I Will Always Love You’. I am posting my version as a tribute to her, one of the best voices ever. RIP Whitney, we will never forget you.”

Check out Lilian’s moving rendition of the song below:

RIP Whitney.

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