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Lilian Garcia shares her most memorable WWE moments on Reddit AMA

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WWE ring announcer turned host of the Making Their Way to the Ring podcast Lilian Garcia recently participated in a session of Reddit’s AMA. The “Decade Diva” answered questions regarding her time in WWE, storylines she was involved in during her tenure and her new role as a podcast host. Below are some highlights.

Her most memorable moment in WWE: “I think I’d have to say singing after 9/11. I don’t think there’s any way to top that, in terms of emotion. Because like I said, it was bigger than me. It was bigger than all of us. It still brings tears to my eyes.”

Favorite angle being involved in: “I’d have to say the Viscera angle. It was pretty extensive, and like I said, I really loved working with him. I like how that whole storyline evolved. They turned it into a beauty and the beast type story, and I was definitely the beast haha. I loved working with him. Such a big teddy bear, a loveable guy. He always thanked me for getting him a part in that storyline, and I always laughed and thanked him. ”

On how she was able remember all the billed weights and hometown of WWE Superstars: “That one I have to attribute to my mother, who gave me a photographic memory. Thank God! I wouldn’t have made it through my first night since we couldn’t use cue cards. I can look at a piece of paper and then read it in my mind, so, thank you mom!”

Hosting the Making their way to the Ring podcast: “I am just feeling honored that I am getting to interview the incredible people that I worked with, and getting to bring out the story of their journey to the ring – and who they are as human beings, so their struggles, their obstacles, can inspire others to handle the situations we are dealt with every day. And that’s why I decided to do the podcast. I am very grateful to the people I worked with and the people who enjoy the podcast.

Most memorable moment backstage: “I’d have to say hanging out with the girls in the locker room. It was so much fun having such a close relationship with them. We’d celebrate each other’s birthdays. We’d always have cake. It was like a family away from a family. I am still friends with a lot of the people I worked with and they are talented and special people.”

On taking part in several storylines: “Those storylines were all brought up to me. I always let them know that I was game for anything, especially if it helped put a superstar over, I was always game for that. And they brought the storylines to me and they were fun.And I always said, you can use me as much or as little as you want.”

You can read the full AMA thread here.

What are your favorite Lilian Garcia memories? Have you been tuning in to her podcast? Who would you like to see her interview next? Let us know in the comments below!

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