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Lisa Marie Varon comments on her upcoming match against Melina

It was previously disclosed that Lisa Marie Varon will face off against Melina for the inaugural MORE Women’s Championship. This is for the Masters of Ring Entertainment promotion that will take place in Kenansville, N.C. on Sept. 21.

This will be only the second time these two veterans will meet one-on-one in their careers. It has since been confirmed that they will battle it out for this new title in the main event.

In an exclusive interview by Wrestling Inc., Varon spoke about many topics including her upcoming match with Melina. She has a positive outlook that the match is going to be a show-stealer.

“Her and I have good chemistry and are really good friends. You always have your best matches with your friends because you’re willing to go the extra mile. There is that trust where you trust your body in someone else’s hands. When Bambi (MORE’s founder) asked who I wanted to face, originally it was ODB. Then she lost her food truck.”

“My next choice was Melina. She said, ‘Absolutely. I would be honored to.’ We’re from a golden era and generation where we tell a story in our match. It’s not going to be a spot fest. We were so winded the last time we faced each other. At the end, we felt like we were at war because we have a lot of pride in what we do. I think people will be really happy with our next match.”

Their first match against each other occurred in January at an MCW Pro Westling event but it ended in a no contest. She also comments on main eventing this upcoming show.

“It’s awesome that the women’s revolution has excelled so much. It’s about time they started main eventing. I’m flattered to be main eventing this upcoming show. Bambi [Weavil] the girl who runs the show Masters of the Ring, is a huge fan of female wrestling. She is a female promoter. I didn’t find out I was main eventing until recently when one of the posts came out. I had no idea.”

There have been many rumors that Varon isn’t in good graces with WWE. She spent many years under the name Victoria for the promotion. She would later move on to TNA Wrestling as Tara. The rumor of WWE having bad blood with her stems from what the fans see. She isn’t used for any type of reunions or any specials that WWE holds. She wasn’t included in the first women’s Royal Rumble in 2018 nor was she involved in the all-female pay-per-view, Evolution.

Varon made a comment about these rumors after discussing that she has not been inducted into their Hall of Fame yet. She also discusses being present at a WWE event for the Hall of Fame this year when Torrie Wilson and the late Chyna were inducted. She went alongside Candice Michelle.

“A lot of people express on social media that they are disrespecting me. I don’t see it as that. There are a lot of people to thank before me. I don’t think they dislike me or anything. I hope not.”

“That was the main reason to support our friend and someone from our generation. It was odd being back because there were so many new faces. There was just a lot of change. It’s funny when I went back because I hardly knew the new talent. I knew mostly the crew, which were the camera guys, the ones who do the cable and lighting, the set builders and the ring guys. Those are the ones I remember, and they remembered me. It was nice to be back.”

Perhaps one day Varon will make it into WWE’s Hall of Fame because her career definitely merits it.

Check back in with Diva Dirt to see who will become the inaugural MORE Women’s Champion on Sept. 21.

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