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Lita and Trish Stratus Talk About Their Top Moments

Fans on have voted for their top ten moments shared by Lita and Trish Stratus, and the duo have given their thoughts on each selection.

Lita on teaming with The Rock against Trish and Triple H: “I remember Rocky doing his famous pointing gesticulation ‘You. Now. Up. Finish this sh*t off’ as he points to the farthest corner possible. I thought I would later be apologizing and justifying it with, ‘but The Rock said…’ fortunately, all was safe and we had our first taste of main eventness together.”

Trish on interrupting Lita’s wedding to Kane: “I just love that visual of Amy in the black dress and me in the white, the contrast, the yin and yang – it pretty much was a visual of our career.”

Trish on the “Battle of the Sexes” feud: “I just get a kick out of the fact that we made the bet over $1 – a Canadian dollar, which we call a ‘loonie’. It’s funny because at the time the Canadian dollar was at a low, so we weren’t even worth a buck! We thought that was pretty funny, or at least the 3 Canadians did lol. The feud itself plus the fact that we were all friends – was a lot of fun!”

Lita on wrestling Trish’s last match: “People often ask me ‘what was it like to know you were having Trish’s last match with her?’ I usually come up with something polite like, I was happy to, I am honored she chose me, ect, exct, and while all that is true in my head I’m like ‘Duh, who else would she have it with?'”

Lita on her suicide dive during their main event match: “I remember Headbanger Mosh, or was it Thrasher, it was the one who was Beaver Cleavage, anyway, he was explaining to Trish that she needed to absorb me like a “venetian blind”…. clear as day, right? Well let me tell you a Venetian blind at 6 plus feet and 200 plus pounds crumples a lot slower than a tiny Trish. At any rate, it was the most confused I’ve been after a bump. I had eyes on Trish, my feet didn’t get caught on the rope, but when I landed it certainly didn’t feel normal. We were on the narrow side of the ring and with her already bumping and having to aim so low it resulted in what I historically refer to as a scorpion bump. I don’t recommend this, however, somehow I was totally fine. Watching it back I immediately sit straight up as in a ‘What the hell just happened, am I paralyzed type of thing?’.”

The whole article is a fascinating look at two of women’s wrestling’s greatest, giving us a perspective of their careers we haven’t seen before.

We highly recommend you check out the rest of the responses, including Trish’s thoughts on their last main event match, on

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