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Lita on WrestleMania 25: “I Was Dying Laughing”


Three months after the fact, people are still talking about the trainwreck that was WrestleMania 25 [seriously, we need to name that shit — WrestleManiagate? Comment with your suggestions!] on April 5th. The latest Diva to weigh in is former four time Women’s Champion, Lita – real name Amy Dumas – in an interview with

Faye: Were you invited to take part in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25, this year? If so, why did you turn it down?
Amy: Did you see that match?!
Faye: Yeah, it was so bad!
Amy: Right, that’s why I turned it down. [laughs] I did watch it, though. I was dying laughing, I was in stitches, rolling on the couch, thinking, “Thank God, I’m not there, because that is nothing I need to be a part of.” No, first of all, let me tell you this, because Kid Rock was playing for like forever, right? I was like, “Get out of the way, what is this guy doing?! Come on! I didn’t know this guy still sang!” and then, these girls started coming out and I’m thinking they’re like his hoes, his hired dancers, about to break out into some choreographed Beyoncé-shit, but then I realised and was like, “Oh my God!” I can only imagine them being like, “So, what we’re wanting you to do is: grab Kid Rock’s leg, start grinding up on it, then go into the ring and do a drop toehold.” I’d be like, “Absolutely not, under no circumstances.” So, yeah, that is why I did not do that match.

Best. Response. Ever. Am I right?

Dumas also notes that she has no desire to get back into wrestling.

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