Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Liv Morgan continues to hint at a new look

Liv Morgan hasn’t been seen much since the Superstar Shake-Up that took place after WrestleMania in April. During this, Morgan and the rest of the Riott Squad broke up as she was moved to SmackDown while the other two stayed on RAW. She has been seen at house shows or in dark matches but has only had one appearance on WWE programming in July.

During a segment on SmackDown with various superstars sharing their grievances to Shane McMahon on being unutilized, Morgan spoke up. From this, she had a confrontation and a match with Charlotte Flair that involved calling her fake. After her loss, she would grab Corey Graves’ headset and had the following to say:

“Charlotte was right, and when I come back I am going to be real.”

This hinted that Morgan would have either a gimmick change or simply a different look. This has been over a month ago and she hasn’t been seen since. For close to a year, she has been sporting pink hair as opposed to blonde hair. She posted on her Twitter two tweets that explain an updated look may be in the works. One is stating that she “did something” as the other is showing pink hair falling to the floor to the sound of scissors snipping.

So either Morgan is trimming up a flamingo, or she is updating her look. WWE hasn’t been using the majority of their talent recently, especially when it comes to the women. Thanks to the “wild card” rule they have been using the same seven women show after show. Sasha Bank’s return has added some breath into the product, but we are in dire need of more storylines with other talents.

It has been previously rumored by The Wrestling Observer that there may be another Draft/Superstar Shake-Up in the works. Nothing major, but minor changes to diminish the “wild card” rule and keep the brands to themselves. This is said to be happening by the time SmackDown moves to the Fox network on Oct. 4.

If these changes happen then we could very well see different women being utilized. Hopefully, Morgan and her new look/gimmick will be seen shortly on our televisions.

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