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Liv Morgan talks Money in the Bank, says she is one of the best on the roster

The yearly Money in the Bank event is rapidly approaching and will be in front of a live audience on Sunday, July 18. WWE is gearing up for its women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and there will be eight women involved in the high-risk, high-reward style atmosphere. There have only been four women who have won Money in the Bank. Three of them are in this match come July 18.

The field as of now the landscape includes the following competitors from RAW – Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Nikki Cross and from SmackDown – Carmella and Zelina Vega.

Liv Morgan has been fighting and clawing her way to get her spot in the match. A match she says she has wanted to do her entire WWE career. For the SmackDown participants, WWE Authority Sonya Deville has been selecting the entrants weekly instead of making them qualify. Deville named Carmella and a returning Zelina Vega as two entrants which Morgan has now defeated in order to prove that she should join the list of participants. So what more can Morgan do to prove that she should be in this match?

While speaking on WWE’s The Bump on Wednesday, Morgan spoke on needing to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and that she will do whatever it takes to be given that spot. While being asked about Zelina Vega joining the SmackDown roster amidst being placed in the match before Morgan, she is happy to see the roster grow. She expanded on that thought by saying she sees herself as one of the best women’s wrestlers the roster has and should be in the conversations that are had about the Four Horsewomen.

“I love it [speaking on Zelina Vega joining the SmackDown roster]. I love as many women that could possibly be a part of our roster. We have a really strong, great roster. But I want to be on the top of that roster. We always have these conversations of the four horsewomen and how they are the best thing in women’s wrestling. And yeah they have helped propel women’s wrestling a ton but I feel like my name should be in that conversation as well…I think I am one of the best women’s wrestlers we have, period.”

She continues, “That match isn’t just a regular match. There’s a contract that says you make the rules, pretty much for a whole entire year. Just to have that and to be in charge…..this isn’t a regular wrestling match, this is violence involved, these are weapons, these are six-feet ladders, you need to give every single thing you have. And that’s all I want to do is give every single piece of me and leave it there. I just need to be in that match. It’s what I have been waiting for honestly, my whole entire career here I have wanted to be in the Money in the Bank. I want that, I want that power, I want that respect, I want that spotlight.”

Kayla Braxton asks her to follow up about what she said in regard to the type of match this is. The weapons and the potential risks, how is Morgan feeling about that if she were to be placed into the MITB match.

“Yeah, and I’m ready to take them all [risks]. That’s all part of it. That’s exactly what I mean, this match is full of risks, full of danger, full of potential and unlimited injuries but that’s what I am willing to go through. That’s what I am willing to risk. I’m willing to put it all, every single thing out there. Just to have that opportunity. Just to have that Money in the Bank and just to hopefully become RAW Women’s Champion, SmackDown Women’s Champion, NXT Women’s Champion. That’s my next step and that’s all I am looking at. So just to be in the match how much that means to me.”

If Morgan does take one of the last two spots in this Money in the Bank Ladder Match this will be the first time she will be competing in this type of match in her career. She would join the field of three past winners and other than Zelina Vega the rest so far have participated in at least one in their career.

Liv’s portion is at about the 51 minute mark

What are your thoughts on Liv’s chances of both joining the match and winning it? Join the discussion below and check back in with Diva Dirt for all of your news for Money in the Bank and the women of SmackDown.

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