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Liv Morgan wants “Angry Liv Girl” at Day 1

At WWE’s first PPV of the new year, Day 1 Liv Morgan challenges Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship for the second time in as many months.

Morgan’s rivalry with Lynch began in November when she won a number one contender Fatal Five-Way match on RAW. However, Lynch didn’t rate her as the credible challenger and ridiculed her.

Morgan finally got her title shot on the December 6th edition of Monday Night RAW but due to Lynch’s cheating ways, she was unsuccessful in her goal. After the match, the production crew picked up an upset fan in the crowd aptly named Angry Becky Girl.

The following week cameras picked up a Becky Lynch fan letting Liv Morgan just what she thought of her by sticking out her tongue, thus creating Angry Liv Girl.

Morgan was a guest on CBS Sports and discussed her upcoming title match at Day 1 and wants the two people important to the feud to be in attendance.

“I have found Angry Liv Girl. She’s awesome and I’ve been waiting to reach out. I found her and I’m going to send her a little DM,” Morgan said. “I would love for Angry Liv Girl and Angry Becky girl to both be there [at WWE Day 1]. They’ve both been stars during this feud. I would love for them to both be there.”

Would you like to see Angry Liv and Angry Becky Girl in attendance at Day 1? Let us know in the comments below.

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