Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Live Coverage of ROH Final Battle: Del Rey & Serena Victorious Over Kong & Haze

Tonight, ROH presents something of a dream team match as Daizee Haze and Awesome Kong take on Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb at the Final Battle iPPV.

Live coverage of the match below:

We kick off with a nice video package with Daizee Haze and Sara Del Rey discussing how they’d like to see more competition for women in ROH and their rivalry with each other. They want to test each other and put each other ‘through a battle’.

Del Rey and Serena are out first in matching red gear. Next is Daizee and Kong, now going by ‘Awesome Kong’ in ROH rather than ‘Amazing Kong‘.

Daizee & SDR kick things off as Del Rey slams haze onto the mat. Daizee manages to hit a hurricanrana into a roll up but Del Rey kicks out. She later then hits another hurricanrana from the top rope.

Del Rey tags out to Serena who stops Haze from tagging out to Kong. The fans chant ‘CM Punk’ in reference to Serena. As the action is going on, Del Rey runs into the ring with a boot to Kong on the apron. Del Rey tags back in and begins stomping Daizee in the corner before applying an abdominal stretch. She tags out to Serena who applies an abdominal stretch of her own, digging her elbow into Daizee’s side. She then receives some leverage from SDR from the outside, holding her arm from the outside. SDR now tags in and they do the same spot with Del Rey holding Serena’s hand on the outside. As the referee is distracted by Kong, Daizee has Del Rey rolled up and could have had won the match.

Serena tags in and dominates until Daizee hits a Daizee Cutter from the corner. The referee begins a double count out. They both make it to their corners as Kong and Del Rey are tagged in. Kong hits a big splash on Del Rey and goes for an Awesome Bomb but Del Rey counters with a kick. She runs the ropes but runs into a clothesline from Kong. Del Rey is then hit with the Implant Buster. Pin attempt but no three.

Daizee tags in and climbs on Kong’s shoulders, hitting her a somersault onto Del Rey. Serena jumps in and breaks up a pin. She is hit with a heart punch by Daizee and a leg drop from Kong. Del Rey hits the capo kick on Kong. Del Rey and Daizee then exchange some moves as Daizee hits a sunset flip on Daizee. She kicks out.

SDR with a Royal Butterfly followed by a piledriver and nearly has the match won but Kong breaks up the count. Serena hits a spear on Kong taking her down. Another piledriver from SDR on Daizee and this time it’s all over. Serena and Del Rey win.

After the match, Kong carries Daizee out of the arena.

Thoughts: A fun, highly energetic/frenetic match. Del Rey and Haze were easily the standouts. Wish it could’ve been longer.

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