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Diva Dirt’s Stars of the Week: Week of December 13th, 2010

It’s time to hand out some proverbial gold stars! Based on the week’s TV and news, each of the Diva Dirt team members have picked one female who they deem to be their ‘Star of the Week’. Read below…

April: I’m sure a lot of people would disagree but I think Michelle McCool finally got what she deserved. Diva of the Year is a worthy title for the former champion. She has been a staple in the WWE this past year and really secured herself in the Divas division. She is a major talent and I hope she continues on well into the future.

Cryssi: Despite nearly getting put through a table on SmackDown, Lay-Cool stand out as the Stars of the Week for me. Not only did they steal a Slammy win from a 105-year old woman, the ‘Cool’ part of the faction rightfully won the Diva of the Year Slammy by disposing of Diva’s Champion, Natalya, in a battle royal on Raw. Further more, Lay-Cool are going to step foot inside the ring on Sunday at TLC in the first ever Diva tables match. Whether they win or lose come Sunday, Lay-Cool are stars not just of the week, but of the whole year to be honest. Love them or hate them, they make you talk about them. And that is exactly what makes them the stars that they rightfully are.

David: My Star of the Week is Michelle McCool. She won the Diva’s battle royal on Monday Night Raw to officially be named “2010 Diva of the Year”, an honor I feel she deserved whether she won that battle royal or not. McCool was front and center of the Divas division all year and held the championship multiple times. Maybe the WWE had her win a battle royal because they knew fans wouldn’t vote for her. Whatever the reason, her win this past Monday night cemented a great year in her career. I would also like to hand out a second star of the week, this one to Allison Danger, as she was named the president of a new female wrestling promotion, Pro-Wrestling SUN. Congratulations and best wishes to her as she spearheads another great opportunity for fans to cheer the hard-working women in professional wrestling!

Eric: Congrats to Michelle McCool on her Slammy win for Diva of the Year. Not only has she demonstrated that she can carry a match with nearly any opponent, she has shown that she is one of the most reliable go to promo people in the WWE today. Michelle was crucial to both Divas segments this week and I think she is a dark horse candidate for star of the Divas table match at TLC.

Erin:People might feel that their shtick has gotten old (and I won’t flat-out disagree) but Lay-Cool has had quite a week. First, they win two Slammys (including a Diva of the Year win for Michelle), and then are booked to take part in a historic, first-ever Divas tag team tables match. Say what you want about the Mean Girls routine, but Lay-Cool is certainly one of the most successful Divas pairings in memory, and they always manage to make their feuds entertaining. Their future might be in doubt this Sunday, since they’re going up against Beth Phoenix and Natalya in what could be a devastating match, but then again, how many times have we predicted their demise, only to be incorrect? They’re certainly resilient. Still, if this is the beginning of the end for Lay-Cool, at least they went out at the very forefront.

Melanie: This week, I am handing out four stars! I have a star for Beth Phoenix, Layla, Michelle McCool and Natalya for showing that Divas too can have fun, meaningful promos on SmackDown. Even though the match for tonight’s PPV was announced six days ago, all four ladies completely sold that match to me this past Friday on SmackDown. The segment with these four was so well done and showed the fans that Divas can talk too! We rarely ever get to see in-ring promo segments to push a pay per view match but these four ladies were given that rare opportunity and they took the ball & ran with it. Gold stars all around!

Steven: My Star of the Week has to be Michelle McCool. Not only is she competing in a history making match this week at TLC, but she managed to nab the coveted ‘Diva of the Year’ award at this year’s Slammy by winning a battle royal involving all the Divas. Picking up the win for her team this Sunday would be the only thing that could make this week any better for Michelle.

Who is your Star of the Week? Sound off in the comments!

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