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Full Results: SHINE Wrestling Presents SHINE 16


Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 16, airing tonight on iPPV.

In the main event, Valkyrie collides as SHINE Champion Rain defends her title against her stablemate Ivelisse, while elsewhere, Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay face off in a battle of former friends and Nevaeh and Leva Bates go one-on-one in a beyond-personal grudge match.

SHINE 16 comes to us live from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida at 9pm ET (2am GMT). See the full card and order the show here.

Live results will appear below.

The show begins with a 10-bell salute in memory of Mae Young. After the salute, Leva and Nevaeh confront each other, and are broken up as the roster makes their way to the back. Sojo Bolt makes her way to the ring, followed by Kimberlu, accompanied by Daffney.

Kimberly defeated Sojo Bolt: The match begins slowly, with a series of restholds from both wrestlers. A headscissors takedown by Kimberly sends Sojo to the outside, and Sojo stays outside of the ring for a 19-count, narrowly avoiding a count-out defeat. When she returns to the ring she meets a Samoan drop at the hands of Kimberly for the victory.

Amber O’Neal defeated Solo Darling. Amber gets the upper hand early on with some hard kicks and neck snaps, followed by a stinkface. La Rosa Negra replies in kind with a bronco buster. Amber then takes the advantage in the second part of the match with an X-Factor but Rosa kicks out at 2 and responds with a scoop slam for another 2-count. Amber finally gets the win with a backslide.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Su Yung. Mercedes dominates the early stages of the match, but Su comes back into it, sending Mercedes to the outside then hitting a senton from the apron. Mercedes finally picks up the win with a fisherman buster.

– It was announced that at the next SHINE show, SHINE 17 on February 28th, we will see the crowning of the first-ever SHINE Tag Team Champions.

Serena Deeb defeats Santana Garrett with a Spear.

Amazing Kong defeats Taylor Made with an Implant Buster.

Heidi Lovelace and Solo Darling defeated Sassy Stephie and Jessie Belle. A fast-paced match which saw all of the young stars of the match get a solid showing. The match ends after Daffney, in Solo/Heidi’s corner, uses a pair of brass knuckles on Jessie Belle for the victory.

Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay wrestle to a double countout. The referee is knocked out early on, and carnage ensues, with chairs, a baseball bat covered in thumbtacks, the referee’s belt and much more used. Some brutal spots took place, including a sick curb stomp by Kay to Havok onto a steel chair. The match ended when both women lunged at each other with chairs, hitting each other square in the face to initiate a double countout.

Nevaeh defeated Leva Bates. One of the most aggressive performances yet from Leva, who had no costume this time. The match ended with a release German suplex from Nevaeh onto Leva.

Angelina Love defeated Leah Von Dutch. Love got the win with a sunset flip. After the match, Love was attacked by an angry Von Dutch.

Ivelisse defeated Rain to become the new SHINE Champion! The match started on shaky ground as the pair teased a fingerpoke of doom finish, but after that it blossomed into an incredible contest which saw both women take each other to the absolute limit, with Rain even kicking out of Ivelisse’s Distain. Finally, Ivelisse picked up the win with a Code Red to become the new champion.

After the match, Rain congratulates Ivelisse and says that as long as the title remains in Valkyrie then everything’s fine. The only catch: Ivelisse isn’t in Valkyrie anymore! Allysin Kay, Taylor Made and April Hunter attack Ivelisse, and the entire roster come out to break things up. Amongst those is Serena Deeb, who turns on the faces and joins the beatdown on Ivelisse, joining Valkyrie in the process.

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