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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 3” – Rain vs Jazz, Mia Yim vs Jessicka Havok & More

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 3 airing live on iPPV tonight, headlined by Rain vs Jazz. (Order the event)

Follow live coverage of the show below and via our official Twitter page, @divadirt.

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* Santana def. Sienna Duvall with a kick to the head followed by a handspring moonsault. Good opening match. Santana continues to impress in each of her showings.

* Leva Bates (as Sheriff Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead) def. Kimberly via superkick. Not as fun as Leva’s previous showings against Mercedes Martinez and Portia Perez. Rather slow, perhaps not as much chemistry. Good win for Leva, however, who is proving popular with the crowd.

* The West Coast Connection (Tracy Taylor & Su Yung) def. Rainbow Bright (Gabby Gilbert & Luscious Latasha) after Yung hit Gabby with a boot to the back and Taylor got the pin.

* Taylor Made (w/ Allysin Kay & April Hunter) def. Greek Barbie after interferences by April Hunter and Allysin Kay. Kay hit Barbie with a Samoan Drop and allowed Taylor to make the pin.

* Host Daffney had an in-ring segment with legends being honored by SHINE. Summary below by PWInsider:

Daffney is in the ring and she talks about the women’s wrestling legends that they are going to celebrate tonight. Daffney introduces Lexie Fyfe. She asks for the Legends to come into the ring.

The first person to be honored is Sabrina. The next person honored is Diane Von Hoffman. The next legend honored is Joyce Grable. The final honoree is LeiLani Kai.

Lexie thanks everyone for coming tonight for this ceremony. She talks about how she learned a lot from these women. She thanks everyone for paving the way for women’s wrestling today.

Mercedes Martinez comes out and she tells them to get out of her ring and she is tired of hearing them while she waits in the back for her match. Mercedes asks for a motorized scooter to get these women out of her ring.

Daffney stands between Mercedes and the legends.

* Jayme Jameson def. Mercedes Martinez with a rollup.

* Jessicka Havok def. Mia Yim after Yim missed a corkscrew splash and Havok hit her with the Air Raid Crash.

* Allysin Kay (w/ April Hunter & Taylor Made) def. Christina Von Eerie with a belly-to-back suplex bridged into a pin.

* Jazz def. Rain when Rain tapped out to the STF.

* Announced for SHINE 4: SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight will defend her title against Jazz.

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