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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 9”

Shine9_posterDiva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 9 airing on iPPV tonight, with the main event of Leva Bates vs. Kimberly inside a steel cage. The event will also feature the first qualifying matches of the SHINE Championship tournament.

SHINE 9 emanates from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida and starts at 9pm ET.

Order the event by clicking here.

Live results of the show below:

All times are GMT

01:57 AM: The stream is up and running. A nice little hype video telling the story of Leva Bates and Kimberly’s rivalry thus far has just aired. Tonight’s main event is going to be awesome!

02:03 AM: We’re off! Daffney is looking wonderful in purple in the ring.

02:05 AM: Allysin Kay of Valkyrie makes her way to the ring accompanied by April Hunter, for the first match of the night.

Allysin Kay vs Courtney Rush:

Rush gets things started playfully, but Kay is having none of it. Rush breaks the deadlock with some armdrags and a gutbuster followed by a snap suplex, then throws Kay into the ropes and land some hard fists to Kay, keeping Hunter from interfering too, then getting a two-count. Rush goes for the Sharpshooter but Kay escapes to the apron. Rush does a run up and knocks Kay to the outside, and Hunter and Kay console each other. Rush goes for the suicide dive but Hunter runs out of the way, dropping Kay onto the floor. While the two argue Rush sneaks up and bashes their heads together, then drags Kay onto the apron, going for a suplex to the inside but Hunter pulls her down. Back in the ring, Kay hits a hard clothesline for two, then locks in the camel clutch. Rush escapes and reverses it into a camel clutch of her own, then releases it. Kay responds quickly with a hard fist to knock Rush down. Kay now with the upper hand, ramming Rush in the corner, then gets a two-count with a weak, one-footed pin attempt. Kay goes for a Stinger Splash but Rush dodges, then Kay replies in kind with a big boot for a near-fall. Rush reverses Kay’s Irish whip into a wheelbarrow into an ankle lock, but Kay gets the rope. Rush then goes for the Sharpshooter but Kay escapes again with the aid of her boot. Kay goes for the Irish whip but Rush gets a foot up from the turnbuckle and lands a hard forearm to Kay, followed by a succession of clotheslines and finishing with a Sharpshooter. April Hunter is on the apron, while the referee is distracted Kay taps. Rush is incensed, and while she’s arguing with Hunter Kay hits a Saito suplex for the pin.

Winner: Allysin Kay

02:24 AM: Out comes Su Yung, ready for her huge SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier against Saraya Knight. Saraya gets the mic and talks trash to Su. Su is not impressed.

SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Su Yung vs Saraya Knight:

Su slaps Saraya, who responds viciously. Saraya throws Yung around the ring, landing some hard jabs to the midsection and wringing her throat. Yung tries to get some offense in but Saraya replies with a kick to the crotch. Body slam and double leg drop from Saraya for two. Yung tries to roll Saraya up but she kicks out. Yung then goes quickly for her Yellow Fever submission hold. After quite the struggle, Saraya gets the rope. Yung hits a series of hip tosses, then a body slam of her own for a two-count. Saraya regains control, with some hard fists and a dropkick to Yung’s crotch again. Yung will not be deterred though, fighting back with some forearms and a pin attempt, but Saraya kicks out. Saraya catapults Yung chest-first into the bottom rope for a near-fall, then a  backslide but Yung kicks out again and responds with a pin attempt of her own, but again only a near-fall. Saraya locks in a Boston Crab, getting some leverage with the ropes, but the ref notices and breaks the hold. Su gives Saraya a taste of her own medicine with a kick in the crotch, then goes back into Yellow Fever. Saraya gets the rope after a longish struggle. Yung now in control, facebusting Saraya and locking in Yellow Fever yet again, right in the centre of the ring. Saraya reverses with a headstand escape, then kicks Yung hard in the midsection. followed by some hard punches. Yung responds with a few of her own, and we see an exchange of blows by the two, in which Saraya gets the better, then contorting Yung on the ropes, throwing her into the turnbuckle and kicking her hard in the crotch yet another time. Saraya goes for a run-up but Yung gets two boots up. Saraya comes back and picks Yung up, hits a powerbomb and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Saraya Knight

02:44 AM: Out comes Rhia O’Reilly, who will be taking part in a three-way match next against Brittney Savage and the debuting Solo Darling.

Rhia O’Reilly vs Brittney Savage vs Solo Darling:

Darling tries to get things over with quickly, rolling up O’Reilly then taking out both her and Savage. Darling applies a side headlock to O’Reilly, followed by a springboard bulldog and back to the headlock. O’Reilly escapes, goes for a lariat but Darling reverses into a pinning combination, which is broken up at two. Savage and Darling argue in the ring, and O’Reilly capitalises with a hard dropkick to Darling, then a double leg drop for a two count. O’Reilly keeping Darling down, with a snap suplex, but Savage breaks up the pin then retreats to the outside. Darling tries to sneak up on O’Reilly, who quickly regains control. Snapmare takedown from O’Reilly, Darling trying to get some offense in but O’Reilly is one step ahead with a fallaway slam, but Savage sneaks in and goes for the pin. It’s broken up, and O’Reilly throws Savage back outside. O’Reilly continues to dominate Darling, choking her on the middle rope. Savage trips O’Reilly up and goes into a cloverleaf. Darling locks in a stranglehold on O’Reilly as well, then another one to Savage. This is interesting, a three-way submission hold. It gets broken up, and Darling hip tosses Savage, misses a clothesline from O’Reilly and takes her down. Savage ends that spell of dominance, and O’Reilly and Savage double suplex her. O’Reilly hits a Samoan drop onto Darling out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Rhia O’Reilly

02:57 AM: Valkyrie leader Rain enters the arena, accompanied by April Hunter, ready for her SHINE Championship qualifying match against Angelina Love.

SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Rain vs Angelina Love:

Rain is being hesitant outside the ring, so Love takes matters into her own hands, baseball sliding Rain into the front row. Love drags her around the outside, then takes her into the ring and hits some hard strikes and a bodyslam. Love works Rain’s arm, using the ropes, then Irish whips her into a crossbody. April Hunter interferes, distracting Rain, allowing her to clothesline Love and take control. Two hard knees to Love’s back, but only a near-fall from Rain. Rain argues with the ref, and while he’s arguing back Hunter continues to attack Love. Rain lands some more hard strikes, but Love counters the next batch with a roll-up, but Rain escapes and lands a clothesline for two. Some stiff knees now to Love’s chest, followed by a neckbreaker by Rain, who kicks Love while she’s down. Rain locks in the cravat, then throws Love down and goes back to it again. Love elbows her way out, but Rain responds with a lungblower, only for Love to retaliate herself with a dropkick. Both women are down, and Rain gets up at the ref’s seven-count. The two exchange blows, with Love getting the upper hand, taking Rain down with some stiff chops to the chest. Love goes for the Big Boot, Rain grabs the leg but Love hits an enzuigiri for two. Rain gets up and Love hits a massive big boot, then takes out Hunter on the outside and goes for the pin on Rain, but only a two-count. Rain kicks Love in the abdomen and hits the DDT for the victory.

Winner: Rain

03:12 AM: Up next is a six-woman all-star tag team match. A few technical difficulties with sound as our team of Australians enter the ring, but they take it in good spirit.

Shazza McKenzie, Jessie McKay and Kellie Skater vs Nikki Roxx, Santana and Mia Yim:

We see a competitive but respectful handshake to start things off. Shazza McKenzie and Mia Yim will start the match. Yim takes control early on with the side headlock. McKenzie responds with the headscissors, and Yim escapes with a headstand and goes back to the headlock. A nice exchange of technical wrestling to start proceedings. Yim goes into a guillotine-style submission, and tags in Santana, who keeps the pressure on while Roxx goes up top and hits an axehandle. The American team are keeping McKenzie isolated in their corner with quick tags, but McKenzie escapes and tags in McKay, who lands straight into the trap of the Americans. Santana applies the Muta lock in the middle of the ring, but McKay escapes. Santana lands a big boot for a two-count. McKay responds with a hard kick of her own, then another to the back of the head, then tags in Kellie Skater. Santana takes control of Skater, taking her back to her team’s corner and tagging in Roxx, who keeps Skater grounded. Skater reverses with a suplex, then a two-count. Skater misses a clothesline, and Roxx capitalises with a suplex for two. Skater takes Roxx to her corner and tags in McKenzie, then the three Australians all triple-team Roxx, before the Americans reply with some triple-team offense of her own. Now Skater and Roxx are the legal women again. Suddenly all six women are in the ring, and we have an unbroken circle of wristlocks. Nice. Suddenly the match descends into chaos, with all six wrestlers going down. Roxx and McKay exchange roll-up pin combinations,  then McKay hits a stuff kick and a neckbreaker for two. Roxx replies with a sidewalk slam, then the Barbie Crusher but Skater breaks up the pin, and has an attempt at her own which Yim breaks up. Yim hits a release German suplex on Skater, which McKenzie breaks up, hitting a split neckbreaker. Yim retreats to the outside, Santana enters, hits an enzuigiri then a Shining Star Press for two, before McKay breaks it up and lands the Boyfriend Stealer on Santana for the victory.

Winners: Kellie Skater, Shazza McKenzie and Jessie McKay

After the match, all six shake hands and embrace in the ring. Lovely.

03:34 AM: Jessicka Havok makes her way to the ring, for the third qualifying match in the SHINE Championship Tournament.

SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Jessicka Havok vs Madison Eagles:

Things start off cautiously, with some nice chain wrestling. Eagles seems to have the upper hand early on, but Havok bites the leg to break. Havok goes for the Irish whip and shoulder block, and we have a stand-off. They argue in the ring, and Eagles trips Havok down. Havok gets up, takes Eagles out with a clothesline, and Eagles retreats to the outside. Eagles enters the ring and Havok pounces, but Eagles takes advantage of a split second distraction and trips Havok up again. They slug it out on the ring apron, then big boot each other down, and they both fall to the arena floor. They continue their brawl outside the ring, Havok hitting some bitter chops to Eagles’ chest, before Eagles responds by throwing Havok right into the ring steps. Eagles rolls back into the ring to break the ref’s count, then goes back outside and kicks Havok hard in the back and midsection, but Havok returns a mule kick to Eagles’ stomach and throws Eagles into the steps herself. Havok goes for a chop but Eagles dodges and hits a few of her own. Havok hits a big boot in reply and we’re finally back in the ring. Havok goes for a cloverleaf, but it’s not applied fully. Eagles bites her way free and locks in a cloverleaf of her own, pulling back on Havok’s neck too. Havok struggles free and lands some hard forearms and a boot to a seated Eagles for two. Havok goes for a leg drop but Eagles avoids it and hits a lunging knee strike to Havok’s head for two. Eagles now with a camel clutch-style submission move, but Havok fights free again. Eagles gets back in control with a huge kick to the head for a near-fall. Havok gets sent into the turnbuckle by Eagles, who hits a hard double knee, but misses the big boot and the momentum is back on Havok’s side, who lands two consecutive knees to the face, but misses on the third and Eagles responds with one of her own. Eagles goes for the brainbuster, Havok reverses, but Eagles lands another kick to the head and both women are down. The referee counts to eight before both get up, and they exchange kicks. Havok dodges one of them and goes for the Air Raid Crash but Eagles counters with a rollup, goes for Hellbound but Havok escapes and hits the Air Raid Crash successfully for the win. That was a great match.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

03:55 AM: Mercedes Martinez makes her way to the ring, ready to take on New Zealand’s Evie, making her SHINE debut.

Mercedes Martinez vs Evie:

Mercedes’ power helps her get the upper hand to start. Evie tries to apply some offense with some strikes, but Mercedes keeps her grounded. Mercedes smacks Evie straight in the jaw and goes for some vicious chops. Evie tries to respond, with a high crossbody, some clotheslines and a dropkick to send Martinez to the floor outside. Evie goes to the apron and goes for a kick but Martinez grabs the leg and throws her onto the side of the ring face-first. Back in the ring, Martinez goes for the cover but Evie kicks out at two. Martinez now with some hard fists to the grounded Evie. Vertical suplex by Martinez now, with some serious hang time. Only a two-count though. More chops from Martinez, then a finger poke and a DDT into a guillotine. Evie punches her way out, but Martinez keeps control with hard strikes. Evie counters with a drop toe hold and a monkey flip, followed by a snapmare and a running kick to the chest for a near-fall. Mercedes counters the Irish whip into a wheelbarrow suplex, but only gets two. Yet more stiff chops from Martinez, then a brutal sitout powerbomb, but Evie kicks out at two again! Martinez goes for a front powerslam but Evie sends her into the turnbuckle, goes up top and hits a missile dropkick right in the kisser. Another nice kick to Martinez’s back, but only a near-fall. Evie goes for another kick but Martinez counters into a spinebuster for two. Martinez goes up top, but Evie hits a big boot to the chest, then goes up herself for a top rope hurricanrana, sending Martinez crashing down to the canvas. Martinez rolls to outside and gets up. Evie sneaks up from the apron and kicks her hard down again, throws her into the ring. Only a two-count. Evie goes for another running big boot, but Martinez responds with a huge suplex and the Fisherman Buster for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

04:10 AM: The fourth of the SHINE Championship tournament qualifying matches is about to take place, as Ivelisse makes her way to the ring accompanied by Valkyrie cohorts April Hunter and Rain. She’ll be facing Jazz, who’s making her return to SHINE after an absence of several months. Ivelisse’s torso is heavily taped up.

SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifying Match – Ivelisse vs Jazz

Jazz gets control early, taking advantage of Ivelisse’s injured ribs with a shoulder tackle. Ivelisse counters Jazz’s grounding offense with an armdrag. Jazz keeps her down with a front facelock. Ivelisse reverses the hold into a hammerlock, but Jazz counters with a lowered fireman’s carry slam. Jazz kicks Ivelisse hard in the gut, and goes for another pinfall attempt. Ivelisse locks in a gogoplata out of nowhere in the middle of the ring, but Jazz uses her immense power to lift Ivelisse and go for a powerbomb. However, Ivelisse counters it, sending Jazz crashing down. Ivelisse removes her tape from her ribs and the two exchange fists. Jazz wins that exchange, sending Ivelisse falling to the floor, then hits a double leg drop for two. Jazz now with an abdominal stretch. Ivelisse reaches the rope, and lands some stiff kicks to Jazz’s jegs, then another kick to the back for a near-fall. Ivelisse then locks in a guillotine but Jazz gets the rope herself. While the referee is distracted April Hunter gets some offense of her own on Jazz, before Ivelisse hits another big kick to Jazz for two. Ivelisse then locks in an armbar with headscissors on Jazz, who counters into a Gory Special. Ivelisse escapes and lands a big boot to the torso of Jazz, then a pinfall attempt for a two count. Ivelisse locks in an interesting submission, but Jazz escapes. Ivelisse goes up top, but Jazz reverses into a Regal stretch. Rain goes onto the apron, distracting the referee. Jazz goes to see to Rain, not noticing Ivelisse behind her. Ivelisse goes for a kick, but Jazz dodges and lands the Jazz Stinger for the pinfall.

Winner: Jazz

04:30 AM: The cage is about to be set up. While that’s happening, Daffney and Lenny have an announcement to make. It is, of course, Nikki Roxx’s birthday, and they invite the whole roster to ringside, who bring out a birthday cake. The crowd sing “Happy Birthday” apathetically. Before it ends, Mercedes Martinez interrupts and throws some of the cake into Roxx’s face. A fight breaks out, and Mercedes punches Nikki sending her to the ground, then pushes Daffney to the floor, before throwing the rest of the cake in Nikki’s face. Well that was more exciting than I expected.

We’re going to take a short intermission while the cage is set up.

05:01 AM: The feed appears to be down. Twitter confirms it’s not just me. This isn’t good.

05:07 AM: False alarm! We’re back! With any luck the main event should be moments away.

The cage is up. We’re ready for the main event! Kimberly makes her way to the ring first.

Out comes Leva, dressed as…the Joker in a nurse’s outfit. Is that a thing? I’m a total philistine when it comes to comic books.

Arkham Asylum Steel Cage Straitjacket Match – Leva Bates vs Kimberly:

And we’re off right away. Kimberly attacks Leva, hitting her viciously with a chair. Leva is choking out the referee for some reason. Now she’s moved to the appropriate target. Kimberly escapes and throws Leva through the ropes into the cage,  then hits Leva in the back with a wooden sign. Leva retaliates by blowing powder in her face. Leva gets the chair and hits Kimberly hard across the back with it, then chokes her with the chair in the turnbuckle. Leva places the chair between the ropes over Kimberly’s face and hits a dropkick, then a cannonball. Leva gets the straitjacket but Kimberly struggles away, and throws Leva into the cage again…and again…and again. Kimberly does a fallaway slam and gets the straitjacket, but Leva escapes and headbutts Kimberly. Leva gets a traffic cone, puts it over Kimberly’s head, then throws it into her. Leva gets the wooden Orpheum sign and hits Kimberly with it across the back. Kimberly dodges and kicks Leva right in the midsection, then chokes her on the bottom rope. Kimberly goes for the cloverleaf but Leva responds by smashing the Orpheum sign into Kimberly’s head. Leva goes up top and hits a springboard back elbow, then goes up top again, to the top of the cage and hits a brutal missile dropkick! That was awesome. Leva gets the straitjacket but Kimberly fights back. Kimberly goes for a spear but Leva catches her and rams her into the cage. Rope hung DDT by Leva. Leva goes for the straitjacket again, but Kimberly uses it to choke Leva, then gets her in a fireman’s carry, drives her into the cage and hits a Samoan drop. Kimberly continues to choke out Leva with the straitjacket. Kimberly fireman’s carries Leva and goes up top, but Leva reverses into a sunset flip powerbomb. Now going for the straitjacket, she gets one arm on Kimberly but Kimberly manages to fight back before she can go the whole way. Kimberly sets Leva on the top rope but Leva responds with a codebreaker, then gets the second arm in the straitjacket. Leva hits a backstabber on Kimberly to keep her down, then ties one of the straps while Kimberly struggles. Kimberly isn’t making this easy for Leva, that’s for sure. After an eternity of struggling, Leva finally ties the last strap to win the match.

Winner: Leva Bates

Leva celebrates atop the cage while Kimberly writhes on the canvas helpless. The stream fades with Kimberly running out of the arena incensed.

Thanks for joining us for live coverage of SHINE 9! It’s now 5:30 in the morning here and it’s starting to get light outside, so I’m off to bed. But stay tuned tomorrow for a full review!

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