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Full Results: WSU Anniversary

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of WSU “Anniversary”, airing live today on iPPV and marking WSU’s eighth year as a promotion.

The main event sees WSU World Champion LuFisto defend her title against Shanna, while the other championship matches see WSU Tag Team Champions Juicy Product face Annie Social and Kimber Lee, and WSU Spirit Champion Niya Barela have her long-awaited contest with Nevaeh.

The show will also feature the rubber match of Athena and Hania‘s show-stealing rivalry as the pair face off in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, and we’ll also see WSU stalwart

Live results will appear below.

The show started about 20 minutes late due to the State Athletic Commission doctor not arriving in time due to bad weather. Said weather has also taken its toll on the crowd, which is pretty thin tonight at the 2300 Arena. Shame.

Jenny Rose defeated Brittany Blake. A solid opener that saw the youngster Blake put in a great performance, one of her best yet. Good way to start the show.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Sassy Stephie. A fun match, with Stephie’s cronies Madamoiselle Rachelle and Amber Rodriguez at ringside. Tessa initially got the pin with a springboard bulldog but the referee restarted the match after he found brass knuckles in Tessa’s boot (which had been put there by Rachelle while the referee was distracted). The match was restarted and Tessa got a second pin anyway almost immediately. Fair enough.

Solo Darling defeated Mickie Knuckles. That was super-entertaining, as most Solo Darling matches are. Solo got the huge upset victory after Mickie refused her offer of an Oreo cookie, consuming Solo with rage and driving her to hit Mickie with a sitout facebuster for the shock win. After the match, Mickie throws a muffin in Solo’s face.

Nevaeh defeated Niya Barela to become the new WSU Spirit Champion. Niya attacked Nevaeh before the match started, but eventually the bell rang to kick things off. In the end, Niya took her belt to hit Nevaeh but the referee saw it and took it off her, allowing Nevaeh to hit Niya’s patented double underhook DDT and get the three-count.

Annie Social comes out to induct Amy Lee into the Hall of Fame, with the entire roster surrounding the ring. Lee comes out and makes a speech. I didn’t understand a single word of it, save for all the times she said “fuck”. Which was a lot.

LuFisto defeated Shanna to retain the WSU World Championship. Odd decision to put the world title match on just before the interval, but whatever. Superb match – as you’d expect from two wrestlers of Shanna and Lufi’s calibre – but the ending seemed a little cheap, almost a carbon-copy of the previous match. Shanna took the title belt and tried to take out Lufi with it but the referee saw it and took it away, opening the door for Lufi to hit a Burning Hammer and get the win. After the match, Sassy Stephie and The Office try to attack LuFisto but they get fended off by Shanna, who’s suddenly a face despite trying to cheat to win mere seconds ago. Common enemy I suppose. Lufi and Shanna embrace in respect.

Cherry Bomb defeated Leva Bates. An extremely good match. Leva was dressed in the style of the Dudleys, who of course were regulars at this arena in the 1990s, and she used several Dudley-ish mannerisms and even hit a solo 3D on Cherry. Eventually, however, Cherry would get the victory with a Best Superkick Ever and continue her winning streak.

Kimber Lee and Annie Social defeated Juicy Product to win the WSU Tag Team Championships. Another fantastic match with a series of great spots, most notably a double stomp to Kimber Lee from the outside that left her bleeding. Finally, Kimber hit a Code Red on JT Dunn to regain the belts for her and Social.

Athena defeated Hania in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. I don’t even know what to say. That was just incredible. Athena won after an O-Face from the largest ladder they could find, but that’s hardly the full story. Both women completely killed each other, and earlier on when Hania hit TWO sentons onto Athena through a table from the top of a ladder I thought she had it in the bag. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the review for something more coherent about this match, because I’m not going to be able to do it justice right now.

Post-match, Athena and Hania shake hands only for Hania to take a chair and lay out Athena while her back is turned. Looks like this isn’t over yet.

That’s it for tonight. Check back after the replay is up for a full review!

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