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Full Results: WSU United


Diva Dirt presents live coverage of WSU United, airing today on iPPV.

The main event sees LuFisto defend her WSU World Championship for the first time against Mickie Knuckles, while Kimber Lee and Annie Social put their WSU Tag Team Championships on the line against Veda Scott and Rick Cataldo.

Former WSU Champion Jessicka Havok is also expected to make an appearance at the show, her first since being stripped of the title and banned from WSU and CZW for life by DJ Hyde in May.

“United” takes place at Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey at 4pm ET (9pm GMT). To order the show on iPPV, visit

Live results will appear below.

The show started about half an hour late. Apparently doors didn’t open until 4pm ET.

WSU Spirit Champion Niya comes to the ring and talks herself up for a bit. Nevaeh‘s music hits and she comes out and the pair exchange words. Nevaeh warns Niya that if she continues to run her mouth she’ll have a serious problem on her hands. They stare each other down, and Niya exits with her title.

Jewells Malone defeated Jessie Kaye. This was alright, I guess. Kaye did a great job as the angry, whiny heel, and Malone picked up the win with a roll-up.

Shanna defeated Hania. Shanna was dressed in Brazil’s football colours. Er, did she not see the match the other day? (Or tonight’s match, for that matter?) That’s not exactly a statement anymore.

Regardless, this was a superb match. Shanna and Hania had instant chemistry in the ring, and Hania’s high-energy offense was great to watch. Shanna did the same comedy football spot she did at the last SHINE show, hitting the target with a level of skill arguably better than what Brazil showed against Germany. Eventually Shanna picked up the win with a dragon suplex but the crowd were more than impressed with Hania’s performance. Wonderful stuff.

Jenny Rose defeated Mima Shimoda. This was the biggest match of Rose’s career, and she pulled out all the stops against the Joshi legend. Shimoda was ruthless, throwing Rose around ringside and landing some vicious chairshots to Rose’s head, but Rose kept coming back every time and refused to back down. In the end, Rose countered Shimoda’s rollup with a rollup of her own for a huge victory. Another excellent match.

Out comes Jessicka Havok, with the original WSU Championship belt. DJ Hyde comes to the ring and threatens to get the authorities to arrest Havok if she doesn’t remove herself from the building. Hyde spits in Havok’s face, and Havok responds in kind. Hyde asks if Havok wants a fight, and suggests a friend backstage who owes him a favour. Profanity ensues and Mia Yim comes out.

Yim says nobody likes Hyde, but he’s still her boss. Lots of corpsing. Hyde says he doesn’t care that nobody likes him, and says that if Yim wants her spot in WSU she needs to defeat Havok in a Uncensored Rules Match, right now.

Jessicka Havok defeated Mia Yim. This was pretty much everything you’d expect from these two. They got the “uncensored” parts out of the way early on with some brutal stuff outside the ring, but for the most part this was a straightforward but extremely hard-hitting match between two of the best in the industry today. The finish came when Havok put her knees up for Yim’s Quebrada, and responded with a clothesline and an Air Raid Crash for the pinfall. Three great matches in a row.

So does this mean Havok has her job back? And is Mia gone from WSU again? Damned if I know.

Nevaeh defeated Brittany Blake. Nevaeh makes relatively short work of the rookie Blake, who tries to pull a fast one on Nevaeh early on but ultimately falls to a tombstone piledriver after a valiant effort in the ring. As Nevaeh is helping Blake up, Niya comes out and hits her with the Spirit Championship, laying out both her and Blake in the process.

After Niya leaves the ring Nevaeh raises Blake’s hand and they head to the back together.

Kimber Lee and Annie Social defeated Veda Scott and Rick Cataldo to retain the WSU Tag Team Championships. I still don’t know whether I find Rick Cataldo hilarious or unbearable, but he’s good in the ring, and his antics made Lee and Social’s victory all the sweeter. Kimber got the win with the Kimber Bomb on Cataldo.

After the match, the CZW Tag Team Champions Juicy Product (David Starr and JT Dunn) come out and brag about their titles, and a brawl ensues. An impromptu match is made and Juicy Product pick up the win…and the WSU tag titles, it seems. Not entirely sure what just happened there.

LuFisto defeated Mickie Knuckles to retain the WSU World Championship. The pair exchange strikes in the ring early on, before taking the match outside and taking some nasty bumps on the floor. Both get chairs and upon being reprimanded by the ref, set them up in the middle of the ring and exchange strikes in a seated position. Knuckles takes control of the match with some stiff kicks and knees before LuFisto counters a pumphandle driver attempt to lock in an ankle lock, before Knuckles breaks on the rope. Match now in Lufi’s hands, hitting a cannonball and a boot to the corner for a two-count, before going back to the ankle lock. Knuckles gets a powerbomb in but LuFisto locks in a triangle as she bumps, and Knuckles gets choked out. LuFisto retains.

All in all an excellent show, save for the odd minor blip – men (not including Rick Cataldo) winning women’s titles is rarely, if ever, a good thing. Let’s hope our new WSU Tag Team Champions don’t turn their new titles into a laughing stock.

The positives far outweigh the negatives though, with a good three or four Match of the Night contenders, from Jenny Rose taking her game to a new level against Mima Shimoda, to the exhilarating war of attrition between Jessicka Havok and Mia Yim. LuFisto and Mickie Knuckles absolutely killed each other, and in fine fashion too, but biggest props for the evening go to Hania and Shanna who gave us a superb, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it masterclass in independent wrestling. Thumbs up all around for this show!

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