Friday, April 19, 2024

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Live Report From Last Night’s SmackDown

Diva Dirt reader Rob sent along the following live report from the show. As it hasn’t aired yet, it’s in spoiler tags, so please highlight to read:

I attended this match and noticed a few things. It was a very short match. I don’t think it lasted 3 minutes, if that. The ring entrances and exits were much quicker than what they have done before. The entire match was so short entrance to exit that I could not get my camera batteries changed before they left the ring. As for the match itself, all 4 performers got a few moments in the ring, but again the whole thing seemed very rushed. The ending was Melina pinning Michelle, it looks like they are going to continue the fued thorugh SummerSlam. As for the crowd, Melina got a very loud pop nearly as loud as the one Mickie James got on Raw. Michelle’s was average. But apart from that, the crowd was somewhat indifferent during it.

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