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Live Report from WrestleMania Axxess Day 2

Diva Dirt reader, Rob Pagano was at Axxess yesterday in the Phoenix Convention Center and sent along the following:

Michelle came out at 6:00 and had a large line that steadily moved throughout the 2 hours she was there. Once she left Katie came on. Vickie was also doing an autograph session. Melina and Mickie were both doing signing-autograph sessions. Mickie was followed by Jillian. Michelle’s session was for photos only. I didn’t pay attention to what Vickie did but Michelle, Mickie and Melina were very accommodating to anyone with disabilities or those requesting special poses or something out of the ordinary. What amazed me about Michelle was that she stood for the entire 2 hour length of her session in those high heeled 3 piece boots she’s worn in some photo sets. It made her taller than nearly anyone else taking a picture with her. Mickie had a very long line through out her entire session. Michelle’s line was long but because she wasn’t doing autographs it moved quickly. Melina’s line seemed to vary at times. One of your readers might have more comments about the things they observed. Mickie looked great though, she didn’t have a brace or anything else on her knee. She did a lot of standing an walking meeting and greeting fans. A lot of people I talked to did not know that she had surgery and may not be cleared to wrestle yet. Jillian came on after 8:00 as well but I did not stay around to see her. I am curious as to if you will do a section on their clothing choices. I ask this because when I first saw Jillian, my immediate though was “her shirt is too small”.

On a side note, while waiting to get in, I got into a conversation with several other fans about the state of the WWE. We all agreed that if the WWE puts on a decent women’s match and does so consistently people will watch it. It’s when you have an actual wrestling match be the exception vs the norm that causes fans of women’s wrestling to give up on it. We also agreed that we wish what TNA did with their Knockouts division could be transferred to the WWE. Actual fueds, storylines etc that make us care about the characters and want to follow them instead of simply being used as disposable filler or eye candy.

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