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Lucha Libre USA (Episode 5): Kong Raids Again

It’s the “Better Late than Never” edition of our Lucha Libre USA write-up! Two weeks ago, we saw the emergence of Amazing Kong, rising from the waters of Tokyo Bay…err…I mean, making her return to television. This week we have a rematch: it will be Mini Park & Amazing Kong taking on The Fabulous Chi Chi and Tigresa Caliente. Can the Tigress bury her fangs into her opponent? Or will Kong triumph again? Watch below!

Out first is The Fabulous Chi Chi (sporting a pink bikini top and white skirt bottom…can I call him Skirt Chi Chi now? Also a red boa and hot pink wig & boots. Hot!) and Tigresa Caliente (wearing the same tiger-striped outfit & mask as last week – LOVE it! Especially the mask!). The duo look supremely confident as they enter the ring. Out next is Mini Park, then Amazing Kong. Stoic looking as ever, her glare as she enters the ring is enough to send Chi Chi and Tigresa scurrying to the outside. We go to break before the match begins.

Back from commercial and we’re starting off with Mini Park vs Chi Chi. They mix it up for a minute or two before Tigresa enters the ring (without a tag, much like last time) and forearms Park in the back. She gets him in a full nelson but before Chi Chi can take advantage, Park kicks Chi Chi, then elbows Tigresa in the face! Chi Chi whips Park off the ropes, laying down infront of him but Park jumps over him, Tigresa jumps over Park, then jumps over him AGAIN on the rebound, and she dodges the springboard moonsault attempt – only to be nailed by a dropkick from Park! Chi Chi has exited the ring but at this point re-enters to battle Park. Tigresa wisely rolls to the outside as the two rumble on the inside.

They don’t wrestle for very long as Chi Chi exits the ring. For a moment, it looks like Mini Park is going to go after him, but as Tigresa slides through the ropes, heading for Park, he tags in Kong. Tigresa stops, full tilt! Kong has a very scary look on her face…the type that says, “Kong’s gonna kill you.” The two circle one another. To her credit, Tigresa takes the initiative – she whips herself off the ropes and into Kong, hoping to knock her down. She fails – strike one. Again, off the ropes into Kong…strike two! Tigresa screams and whips off the ropes…strike three, Kong knocks HER down instead! She goes down hard too, drawing a pop from the crowd. Rolling out of the ring, this brings in Chi Chi who clubs Kong on the back.

Chi Chi attempts to irish whip Kong but Kong reverses, sending Chi Chi into the ropes. They connect, and down goes Chi Chi! Kong follows up with a kick, then whips herself off the ropes and connects with a HUGE splash! She goes for a cover but it’s only good for two. Kong tags Park back in. But it isn’t long before Tigresa’s up to her old tricks again. Tripping up Park, she pulls him to the outside, hammering him with forearms and throwing him into the steel post! She’s keeping up the offense with a kick to his ribs while he’s on the ground. Thinking she’s done enough, she throws him back in the ring for Chi Chi to get in a nice sit out powerbomb. It’s still not enough to put away Mini Park.

Chi Chi motions for Tigresa to re-enter the ring. She does and as Park is whipped off the ropes, he runs right into a big boot from Tigresa! She covers but he again kicks out at two. Gathering him up, she keeps a hold of his arm, hitting a sharp back kick, then sets her boot against his face and falls back, slamming his face into her boot! Nice impact! Park is stunned, unable to pull away and get the tag. Tigresa tags back in Chi Chi and I kinda tune out.

Until Chi Chi calls for Tigresa to come back. She holds him as it looks like Chi Chi is…going to kiss Park? Through the mask? How does that work? We won’t find out because while Chi Chi is taunting Kong, Park reverses so that when Chi Chi turns out and locks lips – he locks lips with Tigresa! She pulls back and Chi Chi is stunned! Even moreso when she slaps him! Tigresa turns around to be hit with a short dropkick by Park, landing on her behind. She kicks at Park but Chi Chi takes control, allowing her to escape out to her corner. During the action that ensues, Park manages to make a tag to Kong, which brings Tigresa back in. Kong hits a clothesline on Tigresa, then on Chi Chi. She attempts to hit the Amazing Bomb on Tigresa but Chi Chi interrupts with a club to the back. The two whip her off the ropes but she simply breaks through their joined hands, whips off the opposite ropes and connects with a huge double clothesline!

Tigresa again rolls out of danger but Kong attempts to set up Chi Chi for the Amazing Bomb. He drops to his knees and crawls through Kong’s legs, standing up to deliver a kick to her mid-section. He whips Kong off the ropes but Kong reverses, setting up and nailing Chi Chi with the Implant Buster! As Park climbs up on the turnbuckle, Kong kicks Chi Chi over onto his back and Park delivers a beautiful moonsault! He covers for the 3 count and the win! For the second time in a row, Mini Park and Amazing Kong have defeated Chi Chi and Tigresa Caliente! But on the outside it looks like Kong and Tigresa are….well, pretty much cat fighting. They’re not really trading fists or forearms, just kind of slapping at each other. Which is weird but okay! They actually separate on their own accord, Tigresa rolling into the ring to check on her partner. Tigresa is pointing and screaming at Chi Chi, fustration evident in her body language. At one point, the camera has her face in closeup and she is screaming – unfortunately the camera is choosing to edit out her screams. Pity, she looks ferocious! At the end, she’s on the apron of the ring, pointing at Kong as Kong goes up the ramp. Kong motions for her to bring it on.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of this feud. But Tigresa seems to be getting fed up with her partner. Will she recruit another in her quest to take down Amazing Kong? Or perhaps she’ll try other, sneakier means. Tigers can be quite devious…

I enjoyed this match! Smooth, told a story, all four played their roles well. I’m glad to see Tigresa has improved in the ring – I adore her look! Kong continues to be a dominate force, no matter what promotion she’s in. I look for this feud to continue, which should lead to more great matches!

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