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Lucha Underground Analysis (April 27th, 2016): Ivelisse and Taya Served Lemons, Make Lemonade

Another Wednesday has come and gone, which means another trip to The Temple is in the history books. And what a trip last night’s adventure was. Forget Game of Thrones, Lucha Underground was the must-see fantasy event of the week.

Much like Game of Thrones which had The Sandsnakes showcase their ruthless aggression as a blood-thirsty trio, trios are in the spotlight on Lucha Underground. The main event is for the Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Titles, and is a monumental Elimination 12-man four corners tag team match. Four Luchadores or Luchadoras in the ring at one time with eight more on the apron – this match was must-see mayhem.

Before we can get to the main event, there’s a cage match. Talk about kicking the show off with a bang! Cage faced off against Johnny Mundo, with Taya and her eagle eyes and tenacious temper on the outside. Although locked out, Taya can climb, and she can fly. There’s kendo sticks, steel chairs and 15 feet dives in this one. And that’s before describing Cage and Johnny’s combined parkour powerhouse experience. This was pretty much a masterpiece.

And now for our main event. Ivelisse and Son of Havoc have major odds stacked against them. Angelico has been injured, meaning the former boyfriend and girlfriend have to go at it a man down. They’re about to climb their biggest uphill slope, battling against the teams of: The Crew and Joey Ryan; Jack Evans, PJ Black and Fenix; and Prince Puma, El Dragon Azteca Jr., and Rey Mysterio Jr..

Thoughts: Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. That match got me hyperventilating as much as I do when listening to Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Never mind Lemonade – these talented 12 individuals were served lemons and they made Vodka and Lemonade. I was Drunk in Love with this match.

First off, I know he isn’t a woman, but that tilt-a-whirl DDT El Dragon Azteca does is simply phenomenal. Jack Evans selling it to nothing short of perfection certainly helped. Fenix’s springboard corkscrew dive to the outside is also picture perfect. This match was flowing with mark-out moments.

As for Ivelisse, this may be her most impressive showing yet. Her exchange with Joey Ryan was fantastic. That German Suplex – yes ma’am! Her absolute clout of a kick to Fenix on the apron was also stunning. I can’t forget her interpretation of the code red as well. Credit to Jack Evans yet again for making it look even more devastating but WOW Ivelisse, you have some serious talent.

In keeping with the lemon-y theme, I’m certainly not bitter that Ivelisse lost her title. Rey, El Dragon and Puma winning is opening up a massive, massive storyline, so I see why they got the win. Ivelisse still impressed, picking up one of only three possible pinfalls in the match. She shined here. I’ve actually heard lemon juice is good for making things look better than ever, which can be said for Ive here. She was so fricking polished!

Taya also impressed me, throwing her balls to the wall and jumping off the top of the cage. She has proven to be a workhorse for the company and a reliable asset. She’s great in the ring, decent on the mic and has wonderful facials and mannerisms. She’s going to be big in this company. For that to happen though, she needs to pick up a clean win and ditch Johnny. To quote Queen Bey once more, be a Single Lady, Taya!

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