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Lucha Underground Analysis (February 10th, 2016): Kobra Moon Shines on Her Debut Night

Lucha fans! Welcome to a slightly delayed edition of the Lucha Underground Analysis here at Diva Dirt. Finally the show was uploaded and we got to see the newest Luchadora in action, Kobra Moon! Her name is spelled with a K and not a C, meaning that she would be a prime candidate for becoming a Mortal Kombat character too.

Before we jump into this week’s action, we have a few minor points to bring up from last week’s episode. First up, we get a visual update on Sexy Star:

Still kidnapped by Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Sexy is seeing writhing around wrapped in ropes. Unfortunately for her, she isn’t going anywhere. Marty once again teases that his sister will be around, and then he does the stereotypical comic book villain laugh. He’s not doing it so well. He’s very pantomime. MUHAHAHAHAHA-hardly.

Something a little more epic is Kobra Moon’s introductory vignette, featuring her knocking a few nobodies around in the street:

We get to see her sleek and somewhat mantis like fighting style on display. Thankfully if you’re watching this now for the first time, you won’t have to wait long for her debut as it is next!

Miss Moon (is that even her surname?) is up against Bengala in her debut contest, and he is by no means a pushover. Whilst he has been featured teaming with comedy characters like Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada, so has Sexy Star and she is not to be messed with. Not to mention, Bengala also featured in the Gift of the Gods Title match at Ultima Lucha meaning he is a tough opponent for Kobra to sink her poison into.

First up, I loved what Matt Striker said during Kobra’s entrance. Simply put, the gender roles here are blurred, and everyone can go toe-to-toe with everyone else.

Kobra makes contact first with a slick dropkick before taking him down again with an almighty headscissor takeover. A further dropkick later and Kobra poses before sliding over the top rope and taking Bengala down with a phenomenal plancha hurricanrana – stunning!

Despite giving time to Bengala to get back in the ring, it is Kobra who is still in the driver’s seat. She clocks Bengala with a sharp axe kick, following it up with a kick and a knee strike. Bengala fights back though, getting his first offense in so far in the match. Tackling Kobra with flying headbutts and a spinning heel kick, the big cat bags himself a two count.

Kobra temporarily shows her wrapping qualities, blocking a suplex attempt with every part of her body. She was hugging like he was a tree, nevermind a tiger! This block transitions into a sleeper attempt, but the jungle native shrugs his reptilian foe off. Bengala then ascends to the top rope, but Kobra puts up her knees to halt the opposing moonsault. Wait, do snakes even have knees? Biology queries aside, Kobra Moon locks in a Dragon Sleeper, a nod to her scaly ancestors. Bengala makes it to his feet with Kobra on his back, but he then dramatically drops the ground, succumbing to suffocation. Bengala taps out, signalling a shock less for him and a triumphant debut for Kobra Moon!

Finally, if you want your fix of Catrina, she appeared in three backstage segments, riling up all three men who she was addressing. Watch below to see her seductive exchanges with Fenix, King Cuerno and Prince Puma in chronological order:

Thoughts: What an interesting debut for Kobra Moon! I love that the announcers knew nothing at all about her, which is strange for a wrestling character within a modern generation. The last time someone this enigmatic stepped into the temple was Black Lotus. And we know how awesome her story has been.

Kobra’s in-ring style is certainly unique. She’s mixing limber aerial offense with breath-diminishing submission creativity, and it made for a treat to watch. Whilst it would have been nice for the match to go a little longer, not seeing too much of Kobra leaves her still quite the enigma. I was also super impressed with utilizing a dragon sleeper too. A logical choice for a finisher. Maybe she’s add Snake Eyes into her repertoire too?

Now that the reptile has slayed a mammal, perhaps a certain Puma we know and love could be next on her hitlist? If she is going to buck the trend, what about if she was to target a feathered foe in Fenix? Personally, I’d like to see her clash with a fellow cold-blooded assailant. How about Kobra facing off with Drago?

Whilst you would be forgiven thinking I was talking about a show on the Discovery Channel, this is in fact just the most awesomely unique wrestling product that has ever existed. What do you make of all of this animal magic? Let me know and I’ll see you soon!

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