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Lucha Underground Analysis (January 21st, 2015): Sexy Star Returns to the Ring

Good day all!~ And welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis.

Last week we were off because, while I love me some cryptic black leather Angela Fong, I didn’t think a Redux was needed to just recap her staring into an office for a few seconds. Never fear though, for we’re back this time and we’ve got some ring action as Sexy Star takes on El Mariachi Loco!

We head to the temple, as Sexy Star is apparently already inside the ring and her opponent, El Mariachi Loco, gets the entrance this week. Loco gets into the ring as she blows off a kiss taunt and they lock up. My focus goes to a little of the shady commentary though, and when I regain my composure, Sexy is breaking out of a waistlock and transitioning into one of her own. He tries to gyrate on her, but she escapes and lands a beautiful headscissors, then into an armdrag. Star decks Loco with a few kicks to the face, before he gets in control with a drop toe hold.

Mariachi lands a chop in the corner, then sending her off the ropes as she holds on and he goes flying to the outside. With that, Star ascends to the top rope and leaps off with an epic dive! Back inside the ring, she hits a slap to the face, followed up with a boot to the face as the control stays with her. Kick, as she dips outside the ring and heads up top, landing a lucha arm drag. She tries for a DDT, but Loco catches her and drops her right on the top rope. He goes up top, but misses a senton and she lands an inside cradle for the victory.

Thoughts: I’m kind of on the fence about this to be honest. Match-wise, it was fine. I am starting to notice what others have said about Sexy Star’s matches sort of blending together, but this was still a part of their first batch of tapings I believe, so I’m not going to judge that as harshly since they didn’t have time to listen to feedback or really see what was working and needed to be switched up.

Now onto where I’m sort of negative about. I’ve praised Lucha Underground to no end, but I’m not going to sit and neglect when it’s doing something that I think should be switched up. On one hand, I think it’s cool that they’re still doing the Intergender action, but part of me has noticed a pattern that I’m not sure I’m very keen to. While I do appreciate that Sexy is getting to look strong and not show fear against men, I still kind of wish she didn’t always either have to win with a roll up or assistance from another guy. I get that the male wrestlers may not want to cleanly lose to a woman, but I don’t think it’s entirely absurd to see someone pin a man cleanly with their own finisher… just look at Candice LeRae in PWG for example.

I also think I’m a little down on Lucha Underground as a whole because I kind of expected more in terms of the women from their most recent taping. I won’t spoil what happens, but match wise; I was kind of bummed, especially considering how buzzy the females had been for them from the get-go. That’s not to say in the end, the finished product won’t include segments or something to keep them on screen (and I really hope it does), but if we end up just going by the matches that were taped last weekend, it might be a few weeks before I’m back again.

There’s another taping this weekend, so I’m hoping that makes things up a little bit. During our presumed break over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to attempt to write up an article about five women I think would spice Lucha Underground up a bit if they entered the temple. Because in all honesty, if Sexy Star isn’t going to be able to pin anyone with her finisher (and no assistance), I’m way more interested in getting a full-fledged women’s division than I was at the start. That would also keep a bit of the appeal and spice going for the Intergender action because it’s already starting to seem a little less special for me than it did back in October and I don’t want it to fizzle out quickly.

I still think Lucha Underground is a great thing, but I’m starting to think that more applies to the men’s action and less to the women’s at the moment. Maybe it’s just a funk I’m in, but I really hope they look into hiring a few more women who are ready to go in the ring to create some fun matches down the line. They’re no stranger to AAA, and that’s pretty much where at least half my upcoming list will come from, so fingers crossed!

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