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Lucha Underground Analysis (January 4, 2017): Reigniting feuds and sparking new ones

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Welcome back to the Temple this week, Believers! After Sexy Star‘s loss to Johnny Mundo, she’s eager to get even with whoever keeps sending her those spiders. She set her sights on Mariposa and takes her head on.

Before we get to that match, Catrina stands by with Mil Muertes.

He’s in disbelief at the resurrection of Prince Puma after he effectively buried him during their Grave Consequences Match. Catrina says it was Vampiro. If he wants to get to Puma he has to destroy Vampiro. 

The lights go out and she appears in the Temple hallway. Jeremiah Crane comes up to her, giddy, he asks “Did you see me?” Catrina just shrugs him off. He says he beat Mil last week, the man she loves. She then reveals Mil is NOT the one she loves. OH MY GOD!!!! 

We then go to the ring where Mariposa awaits Sexy Star’s arrival.

Though not as brutal as their last encounter, Sexy and Mariposa get dirty. Sexy goes right after Mariposa and they exchange a flurry of hits. Sexy dominates Mariposa the first go round. After a hurricanrana and a Suicide Dive the fight spills outside where Mariposa now gains the advantage. They exchange more hits before Mariposa gains control, throwing her into a wall, choking her on the ring apron.

Mariposa rolls into the ring to break the count before picking Sexy up and bashing her upper body and elbows into the commentary table. They make it back into the ring and Mariposa attempts to put Sexy away with a Butterfly Effect. Sexy manages to escape and lures Mariposa into the corner where she boots her.

Sexy knife edge chops Mariposa and they tango for a little bit. Sexy brings Mariposa down with a top rope arm drag. Sexy continues to pummel Mariposa. Sexy clutches her hurt arm, but continues to fight. Mariposa catches her in a Samoan Drop. She gets Sexy into a modified Indian Death Lock, and she repeatedly uses her other leg to beat her. 

Sexy makes it to the ropes for the break. Mariposa goes up top for a moonsault but Sexy rolls out of the way. She then mounts a comeback with a basement drop kick and goes up to the turnbuckle. Mariposa reverses her and starts striking away. Mariposa goes for a top rope maneuver but Sexy fights back. She pushes Mariposa down and puts her away with a double stomp for the win.

After the match Mariposa’s brother Marty “The Moth” Martinez comes to her aid. She appreciates the help, but, it’s short lived. Marty turns on her and lays her out!

After this match Kobra Moon‘s team of soldiers is in Trios action against the White Rabbit Clan

Kobra would make Drago fight in her place. Her Reptile clan would pick up the win but it wasn’t long until the Super Friends, Aerostar and Fenix, came to rescue their teammate. Drago seemed brainwashed and struggled at first to recognize his allies. Kobra and her soldiers would look on as the Trios Champions stood tall.

Before The Mack faces Johnny Mundo, Sexy wishes him good luck.

He tells her that he loved how he squashed that “bug” Mariposa again. She says now she’ll watch him squash the Lucha Underground Champion. He tells her not to interfere in his match and that he needs to do this alone. Sexy agrees and they part ways.

After the main event Mil and Catrina appear. Johnny and his cronies scatter as they come down the stairs. Mil heads straight for Vampiro and they begin to fight. 

He takes Vamp out with a flat liner. Puma then comes to make the save and the show closes out with a stare down.

Lucha Underground then reminds us that next week is its mid-season finale!

Thoughts: Another intriguing episode of Lucha Underground. The Mistress of the Macabre starts and ends the show! She steals the show, mostly. My interest is even more piqued now that she has revealed it isn’t Mil Muertes that she loves! I was shocked, I have no idea who this could be. Her character is such a mystery. When you think you have her figured out, she’s 20 steps ahead. What does this mean? She has stood by Mil’s side, even when she abandoned him in Season One. You can kind of say she uses people to her advantage but that wouldn’t be correct either. I’m a big fan of how complex she is and I can’t wait to find out who she’s talking about and where this leaves Jeremiah now. Ivelisse will come back and find everything out eventually. I’m pulling for her to do so.

Onto Sexy and Mariposa. On second viewing of this match, I enjoyed it even more. It hit all the good beats of Sexy getting even again and Mariposa trying to reassert her power over her. Mariposa was already embarrassed after losing the No Mas match last season. With a bruised ego she tries her best to out smart Sexy but it’s not enough. I was also shocked at The Moth turning on her! I did not see that coming. I’m pumped to see a series of matches between them now and wonder where their story will go. I was eager to see them feud with Jeremiah and Ivelisse earlier this season but you can tell they switched things up a bit after Ivelisse’s injury. The planning going into these stories pleases me.

But, did Mariposa really send Sexy those spiders? I don’t think so and I want to know who did! I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Kobra Moon continues to slay me in her role. She’s commanding and her in-ring weaknesses are toned down with her taking a backseat to the action. I think with more practice she will get better but for now she’s doing wonderfully as her tribe’s queen.

I like how LU is pushing the envelope by having a team of reptiles go up against a team of acid users, haha. The White Rabbit Clan is a twist on Alice in Wonderland, meets Clockwork Orange, meets some drugs, that’s pretty ballsy. 

Anyway, Kobra’s team successfully brainwashed Drago into joining them but, it’s not enough and now it looks like they could go up against the Trios Champions. I like it. LU continues to showcase talent in meaningful ways and there is always a place for everyone.

Next week is the mid-season finale, here’s to hoping they go out with a bang! I’ll know I’ll miss them in the interim.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Who is really planting those spiders? Who does Catrina truly love and what is she all about? Sound off in the comments below.

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