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Lucha Underground Analysis (July 13, 2016): Sexy Star overcomes her foes and tastes gold

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Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis Believers! LU continues to make history by crowning its first female Gift of the Gods Champion!  We’re also blessed by Catrina‘s presence this week as she accompanies her man Mil Muertes to the ring for his Death Match against King Cuerno.

But first let’s get to our Gift of the Gods Elimination Match. How did Sexy Star overcome those two twisted siblings Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mariposa along with the rest of her competitors? Let’s watch.

Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: Daga vs Sinestro De La Muerte vs Mariposa vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Sexy Star vs Killshot vs Night Claw

Killshot takes on Marty while Sexy tangles with Mariposa. However, Daga clears the ring and goes toe to toe with Sinestro and Night Claw. Meanwhile commentary notes how Sexy Star is the only competitor to participate in all three Gift of the Gods tournaments. Sinestero gets eliminated early by Night Claw.

Mariposa and Sexy continue to go at it, with Sexy taking out everyone at once with a twisting aerial maneuver. Killshot takes to the ring to do the same. Daga and Marty continue the action in the ring after hitting an aerial move that takes out the rest of the competitors. They trade submissions before Night Claw breaks it up.

Night Claw continues his impressive debut by catching Daga in a super frankenstiener as he quickly eliminates Daga while Kobra Moon watches on.

We join everyone outside of the ring where chaos ensues. Sexy hits Mariposa with a trashcan lid and Night Claw takes to the roof of Dario Cueto’s office where he hits a moonsault to take everyone out.

Killshot and Marty continue their fight in the ring. He takes out Mariposa on the ring apron and hits a stunner on Marty. Night Claw makes his way back into the ring to face Killshot. Night Claw hits a super frankenstiener on Killshot and attempts to put him away with a standing moonsault.

Killshot catches Night Claw and eliminates him with a storm cradle driver. Mariposa and Sexy make their way back into the ring and join Marty and Killshot. Sexy looks to make a truce with Killshot for now and they both target the Martinez siblings. Sexy gets Mariposa in a bronco buster and gives her a stink face. Sexy and Killshot continue to work together, taking down Marty and Mariposa.

Mariposa comes back and lands a sunset flip powerbomb from a reversal. Marty gets rid of Sexy outside and the two siblings focus on taking down Killshot. Mariposa takes him down with a Butterfly Effect. Both Marty and Mariposa pin him.

Marty and Mariposa set their sights on Sexy after a commercial break. She takes them both down with a headscissors takeover. She uses both of them against each other before trying to submit Marty. Mariposa comes back and breaks it up, cornering Sexy and repeatedly punching her.

Sexy makes a comeback and takes Marty down with a crossbody but not before being double teamed again. Marty attempts to punch Sexy but he catches his sister instead. Sexy takes advantage of the mistake and eliminates her.

Staring down Marty with vengeance in her eys, Sexy slaps and chops him multiple times. She gets him into an octopus submission hold but Marty powers out with a sidewalk slam. Marty tries to take her down but Sexy comes back all fired up. She rallies and hits him with a big punch before submitting him with an armbar to win the Gift of the Gods Championship!

LU celebrated her win on twitter!

After an ominous vignette, next up Catrina accompanies Mil to the ring for his Death Match against Cuerno, a match that aims to put to bed their rivalry once and for all.

Death Match: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs King Cuerno

Mil dominates Cuerno in the first round. Cuerno makes a comeback multiple times but later on watch what happens when he tries to put his hands on Catrina. She cheers her man on while he dishes out the punishment. They battle on the floor, throwing each other into stairs, fighting on the stage where the local band plays before Cuerno crashes to the floor.

After about 20 minutes Mil puts Cuerno down for good after Cuerno gets powerbombed through multiple tables. Catrina gives him the lick of death, sealing Cuerno’s fate.

Thoughts: I want to thank Lucha Underground for continuing to allow women to tear down barriers and crash through glass ceilings. I’m a HUGE fan of Sexy Star and I had tears in my eyes as she eliminated her tormentor, Marty.

A beloved luchadora since season one, Sexy has shined in every role she’s been given. It’s been a pleasure to watch her fight for her fellow luchadors and luchadoras, stick to her morals, and never back down. She’s also grown along the way, overcoming Marty and Mariposa. She showed sides of her we’ve never seen before, being timid and scared to ruthless when finally getting her revenge. I’m overwhelmed at the continuous deep and rich story telling of the LU Universe.

The Gift of the Gods match was incredible. Mariposa holds her own, gaining the upper hand from veteran Killshot and I’ll be damned if I don’t say, I’m pretty impressed with Night Claw. Everyone is allowed to shine and the match was given more than 20 minutes, enabling all story beats to play out. Everyone had something at stake in this match and LU proves once again it’s the best damn wrestling show that not enough people are watching or are aware of.

Catrina has one of the finest roles in the business. I’m always impressed with how well she plays her role. A devious and supernatural force, Catrina is so interesting. LU has innovated the valet/manager role in a completely different way.

The same goes for Kobra Moon. While she still needs some work in the ring, she’s now in another position where she’s taking on an admirer role. I’m interested in seeing if she’ll continue her obsession and become Daga’s mentor or manager. There’s more to her story and I can’t wait to find out.

I’m always pleased when a company emphasizes their performers strengths while managing to downplay any weaknesses and LU does this so well, there’s room for everyone and everything matters. It’s refreshing and needed more in  wrestling. I’m eager to see what’s in store in the season finale.

Part three of Ultima Lucha/the season finale is a special two hour episode next week!

What did you think of this week’s Lucha Underground? Excited for the finale next week? Sound off in the comments below.

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