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Lucha Underground Analysis (July 15th, 2015): Sexy Star Returns to Her Winning Ways

Well who would have thought that our Luchadora ladies may get overshadowed by WWE’s main roster Divas?! I definitely think I would be saying that, yet this week may have been that week. That’s not to say that the Lucha lasses performed badly either – quite the opposite! This week, only Catrina and Sexy Star were on screen, yet they more than an impact. Let’s see how.

Sexy Star is first seen getting ready for her match backstage, the rubber match between her and Superfly. With one win apiece and one of the seven Aztec medallions up for grabs in last night’s match, the stakes had been raised. Sexy is seen contemplating that, looking at Superfly’s mask that she still has for some reason… and she carries it in her bag. Maybe if she ever turned heel, she could collect all of the masks she has taken from people. She is the ultimate face though, but hey, if LU want the idea for a new character I just gave you one!

Sexy’s match is up next and she comes out second, looking glorious with her silver wings attached as a piece of entrance attire. I bloody love her. Epic wings for an epic woman!

To give a little bit of background on the seven medallions: they each represent one of the seven ancient Aztec tribes. Dario Cueto promises a shot at immortality to any one of the seven holders. With a lack of championships in Lucha Undergound, initiatives like this are what makes for interesting storylines and sets LU apart from every other wrestling promotion.

And within 33 seconds, it was over! After being taunted by Superfly and knocked briefly by a dropkick, it was all Sexy. She chopped Superfly hard, kicked him a little low and then hit an impressive headscissor armbar submission for the majorly impressive win! She’s ended her losing streak in decisively impressive fashion and Melissa Santos couldn’t sound more ecstatic about it! More history making for her too as I believe this was the shortest match in Lucha Underground history – wow. An Aztec medallion is hers, yet the story isn’t over yet.

After Sexy’s win, everyone’s favourite weirdo Marty “The Moth” Martinez takes a mic and lays into Sexy. He says that her medallion has a moth embossed into it and the Moth is the symbol of his ancestors. Because of that fact, he thinks she should let him compete for it – right now!

Annoyed that this loser snatched her medallion from her, Sexy doesn’t wait for the bell to ring and she starts slapping the crap out of Marty. The official then rings the bell and Sexy is on fire from the onset. She hits Marty with several strikes before hitting both top rope and wheelbarrow armdrags. She tries to utilise a high flying move for the third time in a row, yet Marty finally is able to mount a comeback and he floors Sexy with a scoop slam.

Marty tells Sexy to quit yet instead, she fires back with a crossbody for a near fall but then she runs into a shoulder tackle. Sexy soon finds herself in a world of pain and The Moth channels The Nature Boy and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock; a sound strategy for trying to take down a high flyer. Sexy struggles to escape for a while, yet she manages to reverse the pressure! She may be smaller yet her fight is just as great.

After Marty manages to make it to the ropes, Sexy reverses a potential slam of his into the Fujiwara Armbar once more and she makes him tap. Two submission victories in one night – get in Sexy!

In the final segment of the night, Dario Cueto conducts an official Face Off between Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma and the #1 contender, Mil Muertes. Mil has Catrina and the Disciples of Death by his side and they utterly decimate Puma. The champion’s mentor Konnan tries to help out yet Catrina decks him with the piece of rock that seems to control Mil and his actions. Another week, another act of physicality from Catrina, and I am certainly liking it!

Thoughts: I have been crying out for Sexy Star to rebound from her successive losses as of late and it seems that the Aztec Gods heard my cry – what a way to bounce back for Sexy! The establishment of a new finisher, plus two wins in one night was amazing to see for Sexy. She defeated a major rival in majorly impressive fashion and bagged a medallion to boot. These two victories were her most emphatic yet as she made both men tap out. She didn’t win thanks to interference or a roll-up where her opponents just kick out after the three count, these were majorly decisive Xs in the Win column.

As for Catrina, I absolutely cannot stand Konnan so thank god she beat up his washed-up ass. What with all four of Catrina’s stablemates now confirmed to fight for gold come Ultima Lucha, I think every championship will be at home Beyond the Grave following August 5th. Several licks of death will be unleashed, mark my words!

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