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Lucha Underground Analysis (July 20, 2016): Broken, Battered, and Bruised

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Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground! We are at the end of Ultima Lucha Dos and our season finale promises to pack on the punch. We have two matches that promise to deliver. One sees the in-ring debut of Black Lotus and the other pits the toughest luchadoras against each other.

First up is Black Lotus’ debut against El Dragon Azteca Jr.

The match starts off fast and rough with Black Lotus dodging a flying maneuver by El Dragon with a split.

She pummels him in the corner afterward. Quick on her feet, Black Lotus again rolls out of another flying attempt from El Dragon, taking him down with a spinning low headscissor.

They go back and forth before Black Lotus takes him down with a flying roll up. El Dragon slides out of the ring to compose himself. They tango out on the floor for a bit, with Black Lotus continuing to dodge El Dragon’s arial moves and taking him down with an enzigiri.

He throws her into a wall before daintily placing her into the ring. Black Lotus continues to dominate and the two go back and forth for a bit.

Pentagon Jr. interrupts the bout, pushing El Dragon off the turnbuckle. Pentagon sets his sights on Black Lotus, putting her in an armbar, breaking her arm. He puts El Dragon away via package pile driver before breaking his arm as well.

The match ends without a winner, both being sacrificed to Pentagon’s master.

After quite an indecisive finish, Taya and Ivelisse go at it to prove once and for all who the better woman is. Let’s watch!

As both women make their entrances commentary notes that it was Ivelisse and Sexy Star who were at the forefront of women competitors in the temple. Always going toe to toe with opponents of any gender, Ivelisse has earned the respect of the Believers, Matt Striker says.

Then the match begins as Ivelisse immediately fires at Taya, backing her up into the corner, striking her. She takes Taya down with a dragon screw and continues her assault on Taya.

Taya rolls out of the ring and Ivelisse follows. Taya gains the upper hand though, taking Ivelisse down and throwing her outside of the ring. She taunts Ivelisse before continuing to stomp a mudhole in her. Ivelisse fights back, pulling Taya face first into a chair. A few kicks to the face by Ivelisse, sends Taya reeling off to the side.

The two take their fight further into the audience. Ivelisse takes down Taya with a crossbody from a side balcony. Ivelisse leads Taya to the announce table but Taya takes conrol, bashing Ivelisse’s head into the table repeatedly. They continue to fight on the floor where they both go tumbling down the stairs.

They make their way back to the ring where Taya furiously goes for several close lines, eating Ivelisse’s boot every time. Ivelisse then plants her with a snap german suplex and tries to put her away with a sunset flip powerbomb.

However, the lights go out and Catrina appears in the ring behind Ivelisse. She breaks up the pin, smacks Ivelisse and plants her with a high impact move. Taya takes advantage of the opportunity to put Ivelisse down with a bridging northern lights suplex and berserker boots the face.

The match ends and Catrina is back into the ring. Towering over Ivelisse, Catrina says death comes everyone, “even you, bitch” and gives her the lick of death.

The episode ends with our proprietor Dario Cueto being led away in hand cuffs, presumably caught for all his dirty deeds. What does this mean for the temple come season three? We’ll have to wait a few months to find out!

Thoughts: WOW, Black Lotus is amazing! I’m not familiar with her indy work, but color me an instant fan with that debut. Having one of the best stories in LU, it’s been one hell of a ride waiting to see if Black Lotus would get into the action in the ring. I never doubted whether or not she’d bring it, I was overwhelmed with how quick she is. I’m a big fan of fast paced, hard hitting action and baby, if you’ve never seen her before, this is definitely a good match to be introduced to Black Lotus.

I’m a little torn on the finish though, I’m kind of on the fence about it. I’m so used to seeing indecisive finishes in other promotions. However, this continues her feud with El Dragon and it will make it interesting how she bounces back from that. Her return will definitely be something viewers will be hyped about for months to come.

I equally liked Taya and Ivelisse’s match. Neither were afraid to get violent very quickly. I love how the women continue to push boundaries, pulling out all the stops, and not being afraid to be brutal with each other. Ivelisse continues to be one of the best scrappy fighters on the roster, while Taya I think is holding back a little bit. I feel like there’s more to come from her. Both styles are very similar and they mesh well. I’m interested in seeing their story continue. I hope it escalates and they eventually enter a match with a stipulation.

Catrina continues to impress me as well. I stand by my statement that she has one of the best roles in the business. Her managerial work and vignettes have redefined what it is to be a valet. Her willingness to step into the ring, something I’ve been curious about since I haven’t seen her work as Maxine in WWE, will bring her to another level. I liked that package driver move she pulled off, she’s been training with Mil Muertes I see. It will be quite the match whenever she steps into the ring with Ivelisse. The prospects are tantalizing.

Well that’s it for this season Believers. Keep your eye on this space in the upcoming months for news about Season three and its premiere. It’s sure to be a good one!

What did you think of Ultima Lucha Dos’ final matches? Did you enjoy season two overall? What do you hope to see in season three? Sound off in the comments below.

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