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Lucha Underground Analysis (June 10th, 2015): Catrina’s Lick of Death Leads The Disciples to Victory

Where in the world can you see “Disciples of Death” in skull masks controlled by a woman with a magic rock who licks people’s faces square off against a guy in a tiger outfit, a dwarf and a drag queen? Lucha Underground of course!

Two Luchadoras were in the spotlight last night, well more like darkness in a cold cell for Black Lotus. Darkness also follows the macabre Catrina, our other lady in the limelight. Black Lotus is not immediately facing her fate at being served on a silver platter to Matanza, the ‘man’ who killed her parents and is being made to suffer in a cage next to his. Oh Dario Cueto you son of a bitch!

Catrina however was in the temple’s main arena, escorting her new stablemates, the Disciples of Death to the ring for their debut match in trios tag team action. These three stooges and Mil Muertes are going to be – to quote Catrina’s old character of Maxine – “on-top” come the end of this season – mark my words!

Before we recap the action, it was also announced on last night’s show that the season will come to an end in eight weeks time with the special finale broadcast, Ultima Lucha. The two-hour spectacle will be Lucha Underground’s equivalent of a Pay-Per-View and feature some blockbuster matches. Oh, and an earth-shatteringly, monumental debut. ;)

The first Luchadora we witness is Black Lotus. After being ambushed by Chavo Guerrero and The Crew last week, we see that Dario Cueto has chucked her in a cell in the same room as his brother Matanza. Instead of murdering Lotus outright, he is giving El Dragon Azteca time to make the save letting her suffer in a rank prison-like environment in the same room as the man who killed her parents. That is torture alright!

Chavo Guerrero, who had just won a match, enters the room and he taunts Black Lotus, pretending to apologise for throwing her to the wolves last week. He said it was strictly business yet Lotus says that El Dragon Azteca will make him pay for his betrayal. Chavo says that with him destroying Blue Demon Jr. in the ring earlier in the night, anyone from Mexico would be stupid to mess with him.

It is time for some deliciously devious action next as Catrina escorts Barrio Negro, El Siniestro de la Muerte and Trece – the Disciples of Death – to the ring as they face off against Bengala, Mascarita Segrada and Pimpinela Escarlata. Talk about chalk and cheese!

The match was a little rough around the edges yet highly entertaining. Catrina’s involvement led to the beginning of the end for the face team in white. Catrina doesn’t care who she deals the Lick of Death too, and this time it was Pimpinela who was forced to pucker up. He normally likes a bit of tongue action yet he is not normally on the receiving end and it is not with a woman!

Following Catrina’s saliva exchange, the Disciples pounce on Pimpy and hit a triple dominator style manoeuvre for the win. This trio are mega dangerous. Watch out Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse!

After a fantastic Fatal-4-Way match ends the show, crowning the returning Drago as the number one contender for the Lucha Underground title at Ultima Lucha and ending his banishment from the temple, Catrina ambushes Dario Cueto in his office. She grabs Dario by the neck and starts to choke him out, totally incensed as to why Mil Muertes was not featured in the main event. Dario says it was only because he has never faced Prince Puma for the title in the past, yet Catrina does not want to hear it.

She asks Dario if he is standing in Mil’s way and a beside-himself Cueto screams that he does not want to upset Muertes. He says that in two weeks time, Mil can face Drago, with the winner of that match going on to face the Lucha Underground champ at Ultima Lucha. A pleased Catrina then vanishes into thin air to close the segment.

Thoughts: Another superb episode of action this week, with two women being at the front and centre of some phenomenal storytelling.

My prediction that Mil Muertes will rise to the top looks like it may be coming true. His faction members are on fire and his woman was shown to be a fearless, malicious and dangerous threat. One line in Catrina’s dialogue though makes me think that Mil won’t be facing off for the title come Ultima Lucha. Catrina said that even the monster Dario keeps in a cage is no match for Mil. Will the menacing Mil face off against the monstrous Matanza some time soon? Such an amazing line to foreshadow what could be!

There won’t be any ladies in action next week as Johnny Mundo faces off against Prince Puma next week in a All Night Long, one hour match for the Lucha Underground championship. Very interesting to see that Mundo has turned heel. It will be interesting to see the path he takes on the road to Ultima Lucha.

What will happen at Ultima Lucha then for our Luchadoras? I’m unsure if Sexy Star will feud with Pentagon Jr. and/or Superfly for another 8 weeks, yet I predict she will face off against one of them come Ultima. I see Ivelisse and her team defending against the Disciples of Death, so that will be keeping Catrina busy too. That just leaves Black Lotus. Will she finally come truly face-to-face with Matanza or maybe even face him in a match? With Dario, Chavo, The Crew and El Dragon involved, I honestly have no idea what type of match or segment could include that rowdy bunch. I can’t wait to find out though!

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