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Impact Write-Up (June 10th, 2015): Brooke Puts a Stop to Taryn’s X-treme Behavior

Good day Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up, the (not-so) special Destination X edition. Last week, Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell teased that would display a new side to the Knockouts division while also granting Awesome Kong a chance at her Knockouts Championship. Let’s take a look at how all of this went down.

Our show begins with our Knockouts Champion passing the backstage curtains, taking center stage of the entrance ramp to the Impact Zone with fellow Dollhouse members Marti Bell and Jade at her side.

In the midst of the blue lightening staged area, Taryn reiterates her promise of bringing something special to this week’s Destination X program. (Lord knows having British Boot Camp 2 contestant Grado winning a qualifying X-Division Championship match isn’t anything special) Taryn continues by stating that the Dollhouse never disappoint and that while she already knows she is the toughest and sexiest Knockout on the roster, she insist to bare it all against Awesome Kong in a lingerie pillow fight.

The Dollhouse are fully prepared for this match, going as far a to even saving Kong the trouble of finding something to wear. In fact, if Awesome Kong decides to NOT wear this special picked out piece of clothing, which Marti fails to pull out on her cue prompting Taryn to scream out her name from the top of her lungs, them Awesome Kong can forget about receiving any chance at the Knockouts Title. The choice all comes down to Kong.

As we move on to the sexiest match of the night, the stage is set for this pillow fight match. The Dollhouse make themselves right at home, tidying up the bed small bed that was been placed in the six sided ring and fluffing up pillows that come along with it as Taryn begins her speech. She tells the viewing audience that while the X-Division is exciting and all, she will get their blood pumping in a whole new way based on what she has under her silky robe.

Taryn is ready to play and asks Kong to join her wearing her sexy lingerie. After a mockery introduction from Taryn, Awesome Kong music hits but she isn’t wearing the lingerie the Dollhouse picked put for her. Kong isn’t even wearing a lingerie piece and is instead wearing casual ring attire as she slowly makes her way to the ring.

A flush of anger takes over Taryn and she lashes out at Kong, blaming her for having to ruin this special “playtime”.

Marti grabs the mic, speaking for the Dollhouse group in how upset they were that Kong didn’t wear the “pretty” lingerie they picked out for her; Jade adding that it was even in her size.

Kong is unamused, even after Marti orders for Kong to go backstage like “a nice little monster” to change her attire. “Mami, no me entiendes?” asks Marti, translating to “Do you not understand?” when Kong doesn’t move from her position.

Moments later Kong does move but it’s not to the back. Instead she pulls Marti and Jade by the leg and drags them out of the ring for an Awesome Kong style beat down.

As Kong cleans the area of Jade and Marti, Taryn decides to declare herself the winner of the match that never really happened. What a tease that we won’t get to see what lurks under Taryn’s robe. Taryn turns to ring announcer Christy Hemme so that she official name Taryn the winner. Before Christy does anything, Brooke‘s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring with a mic at hand.

Brooke starts off by letting Taryn know that she has hit a new low upon making this lingerie pillow fight stipulation for the Knockouts title – almost making it a mockery to the division. Unapologetic, Taryn stands by her rules and asks once again for Christy to name her the winner.

Christy stays silent but Brooke still ha plenty more to stay to Taryn, as she joins her in the ring. Brooke reminds Taryn that she promised to defend her title as well as showing a bit of skin tonight. Brooke says she has no problem taking on Taryn in any kind of match at any given place.

Taryn finds Brooke’s approach just so darn CUTE, going as far as tapping her nose and warning her that she’s already embarrassed Kong tonight as well as Gail Kim and would have no problem doing the same to her. When Taryn makes the suggestion that Brooke find her way back to where she came from, Brooke informs Taryn that she has ONE MORE THING to tell her.

Brooke doesn’t use any words this time and instead lands a strong forearm to Taryn, knocking down the champion on to the bed still inside the ring. As Brooke clobbers Taryn, the champion has had enough of this playtime and looks for an escape. Taryn doesn’t get very far as Brooke manages to keep her within enough close range to rip off Taryn’s robe, embarrassing the Dollhouse who looks for pillows to cover up.

Just like Brooke managed to take Taryn’s robe from her, Brooke’s final message to Taryn is that she will take her Knockouts Title from her next!

Thoughts: I can admit that when I first heard about this lingerie pillow fight, I was disappointed to see that it would be taking place. The days of these kind of matches are long gone after all.

Still, I was willing to give it a chance and based on what we’ve already seen from the Dollhouse thus far. It would seem appropriate that this Heel stable would try to play this angle off someone like Kong, a woman who would never decide to put anything “sexy” on for the sake of a fan service style match where as Taryn has been playing the sexual character to par.

While I found Taryn to be slightly over the top upon her execution this week, it was a nice relief to see/hear Brooke tone it down a bit this week, where as from the usual overhype persona we’ve recently seen in her recently. It was easier to take her as a serious contender for the Knockouts title and I appreciated her promo mention of the frustration that a portion of fans find in these gimmick like matches Taryn set up.

Marti proves again to be the better speaker of the Dollhouse stable but I do wonder what to make of where she and Jade will go with Taryn having her hands filled with Brooke. They’ve already found trouble with Gail a few weeks ago and this week it was with Kong so perhaps this may lead to an eventual big time Knockouts tag match at Slammiversary.

Time will tell until but until then hasta luego Knockout fans!

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