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Lucha Underground Analysis (June 24th, 2015): Super Fly Extends Sexy Star’s Losing Streak

Forget news of a potential agreement between TNA and GFW! I’m more excited about all things Ultima Lucha, an event that is sure to create some major buzz in the wrestling world. And yes, much bigger buzz than having Vader return to TNA television!

With Ultima Lucha and the end of Lucha Underground season one just six weeks away, all of El Rey’s Luchadoras are looking to impress as their first series of action draws to a close. Although the end is in sight, rivalries are still being created whilst others are still being fiercely competed. Both Catrina and Sexy Star were in the spotlight last night as the former accompanied her man Mil Muertes to the ring for a number one contender’s match. Sexy was in action against Super Fly, the man she was forced to unmask a few months ago. He then interfered in one of her matches and attacked her, strangely defending the man who broke his arm, Pentagon Jr. This one has gotten ugly.

A clip featuring a face-off between Catrina and Ivelisse that was posted online before the show was also replayed, and well, my suspicion about Ive, Angelico and Son of Havoc‘s next opponents was right.

Sexy is already in the ring, clad with silver wings when the show starts. Following introductions from the delightful Melissa Santos, the bout begins.

Sexy gets slapped to kicks things off her she fires back with a striking chop of her own. After a display of athleticism, Super Fly kicks Sexy to the mat and hits an elbow. Sexy is thrown across the ring and kicked in the back and is then kept grounded after being hit with a back elbow. Fly (who certainly isn’t fly is we look at that god awful face paint) writhes at Sexy’s mask yet he doesn’t manage to rip it off. Super is called a bitch by Vampiro as he dropkicks Sexy.

Sexy finally fights back after being the victim of a pretty boring onslaught. She hits kicks and a knee lift followed by a pin attempt. Sexy is then knocked down however after getting a sentence’s worth of offence. Woo. Super Fly chokes Sexy in the corner before hitting a weak looking spinebuster. He seems surprised not to get the win yet he shouldn’t have been. It was like he nicely placed Sexy on the mat! Super hits a slap and kick that bound send serious sound waves throughout the temple and they send adrenaline through Sexy who fires back with a lovely Lucha armdrag.

After a neat basement dropkick and magistral cradle, Sexy stomps at Super Fly as we get a close-up of his sweat butt crack. Taking some inspiration from Maria Menounos maybe. Super gets slap happy again and then proceeds to rally off some more basic boots. He then hits a pathetic looking fireman’s carry and an even worse looking running splash. Actually, it was more like a strolling splash.

Business picks up when Super is sent to the arena floor and Sexy ascends from the top rope to the outside. The pair exchange arm drags and elbow outside before Sexy hits another crossbody in the ring. Sexy then jumps from up high yet again, this time hitting an arm drag. After some mudhole stomping, Sexy hits a leg drop as Vampiro calls Super Fly a dick. They are definitely relaxing on the language on commentary and I kind of love it.

Sexy hits a bridging suplex that bags her a near fall yet that is as near to winning as she is going to get. After being kicked in the shin, Super Fly hits a powerbomb that he then transitions into a sitout powerbomb for the win. After the match, she kicks Sexy some more and throws her out of the ring.

Another woman faring just about as well as Sexy is Ivelisse, who got introduced to Catrina backstage. Ive & Co were training in their usual argumentative, dysfunctional way only for their session to interrupted by the mistress of macabre. Catrina seductively caresses Ivelisse and explains to the group that their time as Trios Champions is coming to an end. Cue lighting, darkness and the appearance of the Disciples of Death. Once the lights are back on, Mil Muertes has appeared and he leaves with Catrina. The Disciples vanished into thin air, leaving Ivelisse and her pals flat on their backs. Their days may be numbered!

Finally, check out Catrina once again during the main event segment. She rocks the lunging catsuit as Mil rocks Drago‘s head in. This amazing match featured the line of the night from Vamp – “He is knocking shit out of the arena” as Mil Muertes hit the Flatliner on Drago to get the win, killing his chances of headlining Ultima Lucha. Mil is the new number one contender and he and Catrina enjoy a staredown with Prince Puma and Konnan to end the show. Let’s hope Catrina get kick Konnan’s ass too come six weeks time!

Thoughts: Can Catrina do any wrong? The answer is no. From bringing the sensuality with Ivelisse to showcasing her menacing attitudes at ringside, she nails everything she does. Mic work, mannerisms, antics, visual awesomeness. She has it all down. Such a phenomenal talent. I only ask she gets a little more involved in the matches, yet hopefully that will happen at Ultima Lucha.

I also enjoyed how Ivelisse was the main focus on her team in the backstage segment. Ivelisse definitely feels like the leader to me although all three have done certain things within matches that make them come across as equals. I am loving their team and whilst I would love Catrina to guide both Mil and the Disciples to gold, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ivelisse’s team keep the belts for a while longer.

The second week in a row without Black Lotus was a little disappointing. Obviously, no-one other than Puma, Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron had screen time last week due to the All Night Long match and I thought that the writers were seemingly start to pick up the pace with this slow burn. I guess not. And seriously, what is taking El Dragon Azteca so long to come and save her?!

I also wasn’t really a big fan of Sexy Star’s match either. For a feud so personal, it didn’t seem aggressive enough, nor did they seem to be going full throttle in my opinion. I liked Sexy’s high-flying offense, even if it was a little rough around the edges. I can’t pick fault at that though when she was pulling stuff out that you would never see from the Divas. I think my main gripe was with Super Fly, as I am not a fan of his in-ring work at all. I thought he was awful. Yes, he sold being thrown to the outside stunningly, yet his moves felt really lackluster. It was though that working with Sexy, he was going a little softer on her. His offense, other than the slaps, did not appear hard-hitting enough to me. I was bored to be honest.

I like the story that is going on between these two, yet with Super Fly’s logic, surely he should be mad at Pentagon too? Whilst Sexy took his mask, Pentagon took time off of Super Fly’s career. He still took something. Maybe if they can put across that Super Fly is just a coward and scared of Pentagon, so he thought he would take it all out on Sexy, then I would be more of a fan of that. Instead of just not addressing potential beef with Pentagon, they should have done something with that. For a show so amazing at storytelling, this was an example of a blip for them.

I really hope Sexy can pick up some momentum too in the run-up to the season finale. After beating Pentagon, I personally thought she was number one contender material, yet now she has lost three matches in a row now. One of the losses wasn’t clean, yet that is besides the point. Hopefully she can pull off another win soon to get her back on the right track towards becoming the first-ever female to hold the Lucha Underground title. I definitely think that is in her future.

Looking towards next week, if I get to see Black Lotus, Sexy gets a win and Ivelisse and Catrina interact some more, then I’ll be a happy man. Only time will tell if the Aztec Gods bookers put me in a good mood. Until I see you next for the Raw Redux, have a great weekend!

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