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Lucha Underground Analysis (March 11th & 18th, 2015): Grave Consequences

Greeeetings everyone, and welcome to this double week edition of Lucha Underground Analysis.

Before we get started, I know it’s very late. I’ve had some (good) things come up in my daily life that prevented me from sitting down to work on this. Starting with the upcoming episode, the LU Analysis is going to be covered by someone of excellent writing abilities who can get this done on time without the pile ups and the waiting… our one and only Jack!

But before the new era of this recap can begin, we’ve got to finish out the old one and take a look back at the past two weeks of goodness before our own eyes.

Let us kick things off with…

March 11th

First up, we head backstage to see Fenix getting ready… as a mysterious figure (then revealed to be Catrina!) approaches him.

“You may be a man of a thousand lives…

But Mil will not stop until he has taken all of them.

There’s only one thing you can do…

You must bury him.”

Fenix looks determined, as Catrina disappears into the night!

We see more footage of Black Lotus’ mystery driver transporting her somewhere likely terrifying, which then leads into our first intergender match of the night! Angelico stands in the ring as we get introduced to his opponent… Ivelisse! The crowd chants for her from the get-go of her entrance, as she poses in the corners and we then get greeted by the special ref… Son of Havoc!

Havoc climbs down the stairs and steps inside as the bell sounds and we begin with a lock up attempt. Angelico kisses her hand, but gets a kick for good measure until he manages to gain the upper hand. Ivelisse now with a lucha arm drag, then scoring with another off the ropes! And another! Angelico with a nice flip, but Ivelisse runs forward and nails a beautiful hurricanrana. Top rope spinning crossbody to the outside! NICE.

Ivelisse and Havoc high five in the ring, but Angelico then gains momentum. Angelico misses a knee to the corner, sparking Ivelisse to hit a variety of kicks and lock in a submission. He pulls her up, but she breaks free and goes for a sunset flip. Havoc misses his count, but they go through a spot where Angelico wants her positioned over him and Havoc does not. Monkey flip, but Angelico lands on his feet. NASTY chop. She demands to be hit, firing away once again. He goes to fire back, but Havoc blocks. Ivelisse now with a tornado DDT attempt, however, Angelico reverses into a vertical suplex. Wait, Ivelisse counters into a choke! He is now caressing her, which freaks her out to break the hold.

Angelico rolls through a spin kick and nails one of his own. He goes for a razor’s edge, but Havoc saves her again. Ivelisse with a beautiful hurricanrana, but just a two count. She seems pissed… and smacks Havoc! Angelico with a kick to Ivelisse! He pins her and Havoc counts the three quickly to get him off Ivelisse. She’s still furious and now blows Havoc off as she heads to the back.

Backstage we go again, this time to Mil Muertes as he stands in front of a mirror.


“You were a scared child… alone… in the dark

The day that death came to visit…

Do you remember that day?

I do.

It was the day we first met.

But all things must come to an end… Pasquel Mendoza.

Next week… I will have Fenix send you back to the darkness that you came from…

In a match that will have grave consequences.

He will put you in a coffin, close the lid, and you will be that scared boy in the dark once again.

Death is coming for you, Mil Muertes.

A thousand of them…”

Good lord.

March 18th

This week highlights Sexy Star gaining a little revenge on The Crew, as well as the special, incredible “Grave Consequences” match between Fenix and Mil Muertes, that of which (of course) features our very own Catrina at ringside!

Thoughts: Can I just say that I LOVE Catrina? She’s everything, and I long for the day she gets to step in the ring for Lucha Underground. Those promos were just so great, and I’ve said it for 500 years, but she’s such a star.

Ivelisse vs. Angelico was good, but I felt like there was too much going on at times and I couldn’t keep up. Maybe it was the camera angles though, because there were a few transitions where I felt I was being jolted around. Still though, I like watching Ivelisse face off against Angelico. She is supremely talented, and that spinning crossbody to the outside was a thing of beauty that I could only wish to see more of!

All in all, these two weeks were pretty sweet. I’m anxious to find out more of Black Lotus, but patience is key. And I really hope Sexy Star gets placed into a singles feud soon as I was highly enjoying her work with Chavo last year.

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