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Lucha Underground Analysis (March 2nd, 2016): Sexy Star Has Moths on Her Mind

For only the second time in history, this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis features a Luchadora vs. Luchadora match! Who’d have thought that two women facing off would be refreshing content on a women’s wrestling news source? That’s the bizarre happenings of The Temple for you.

This week’s episode kicks off with a seething Mil Muertes, who is seemingly a little annoyed at his lover/manipulator Catrina:

We get some major backstory here, with Cat explaining she has known Mil since was a “scared little boy” named Pasquale Mendoza, and she was the one to save him from the tomb that the Aztec Gods had sealed him within. He complains that he has been sitting on the sidelines for too long this season, wishing to compete even with a broken arm. He says he will bury her if she doesn’t give him what he wants – Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma. With Mil’s best interests at heart, Catrina says no, and vanishes in thin air. Mil screams to end the segment.

Random note: I’m not sure why they had Mil speak English here. I think him speaking in Spanish would have worked better. His voice sounded quite soft-spoken in all honesty. Him speaking in Spanish and Catrina replying in English would be all very Tekken and that would have made me happy. Alas…

Later in the night after he completely mauled Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr, we see Mil and Catrina pacing backstage looking pretty smug:

Mil made a big statement tonight, and Catrina’s unique way of giving him a pep talk sure did help. He decided not to choke her in this segment though. Somehow, I think those two are into that sort of thing so perhaps they got into that off camera! Mil says that he will defend his belt against the two men he assaulted tonight. This is his temple and no-one can stop him. I smell a bit of foreshadowing!

It’s match time, and it is female faces female for only the second time in LU history:

The first combatant Sexy Star is already in the ring, so she did escape Marty The Moth’s sister a few weeks back then. Still no sign of this mysterious moth lady however. Moths can’t be that scary, right? Let’s hope she’s nothing like her creepy of a brother.

Whilst Sexy is currently embroiled in a feud with insect worshippers, she must face off against a serpentine fan tonight – Kobra Moon. Kobra debuted a few weeks ago in impressive fashion. Whilst this is an entirely different kettle of fish for Kobra, Sexy needs to watch out for that Kobra Sleeper.

Kobra showcases her idiosyncratic style in the early going, darting towards Sexy to apply a reverse waistlock. Sexy counters with one of her own before Kobra counters. She kicks Star in the coccyx area before dishing out knees and slaps. Sexy’s latest ally The Mac shows his face, watching on as Sexy gets locked into quite the unusual armbar! Sexy fights out with slaps and kicks, tossing Kobra by the plait for good measure. The two swap slaps and chops, an exchange Kobra gets the best of. She hits a guillotine drop, a move that sends shockwaves in the temple. Will Sexy be done for?

Not quite yet. That was a bloody close call though! Sexy retaliates with a roll-up that she switches up into a sweet pendulum surfboard! That move was super fresh! Sexy is unable to lock it in for long though, as she is distracted by Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez! Sexy loses focus for just a split second, but that is all Kobra needed to take advantage. Kobra slithered around the body of Sexy and locks in her Kobra Sleeper. Sexy is forced to tap out and Kobra remains undefeated!

Thoughts: A short but sweet offering this week in the temple. I don’t think this match was too memorable as it wasn’t very long, but I was still impressed, especially with Kobra’s in-ring style yet again. She really does offer something totally unique. Her armbar and guillotine drop were nice, as was Sexy’s pendulum surfboard. That move was so, so refreshing – it’s just a shame it wasn’t applied longer!

Where this story is going is sure to be great. Sexy has major mixed tag experience, with that style of match being the primary division she has competed in in Mexico over the last few years. Her and The Mac facing The Moth Familia should certainly be interesting. Sexy and The Mac seems to be a majorly random pairing at the moment though, so hopefully Marty and his sister dish out some really sick, sadistic punishment to him to raise the stakes for him in this story.

I end another recap asking a similar question. Last season I was banging on about “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WHO IS MATANZA?!” This season, my go to line is: “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WHO IS MARTY’S SISTER AND IS IT CHEERLEADER MELISSA?!” That’s all for this week. I better dash before I have an aneurism!

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