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Lucha Underground Analysis (May 18th, 2016): Kobra Moon and Sexy Star Battle the Boys

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This week’s Lucha Underground was all about multi-matches, our fave Luchadoras overwhelmed by male competitors, hoping to overcome the odds. Kobra Moon and Sexy Star were in action, the latter of which was relinquishing her Aztec Medallion for a chance to win the Gift of the Gods Championship. Can Sexy follow in the footsteps of Fenix and King Cuerno and hold that prestigious gold?

Sexy Star is first on our screens, placing her ancient medallion into the Gift of the Gods Championship, cementing her place in the main event. Fun fact: Only Sexy and Aerostar have appeared in both 7-way GOTG title matches. Go Sexy!

The opening contest of the night features Kobra Moon in a fatal-4-way match versus newcomer Daga (this is only his second match), Argenis and Mascarita Sagrada – who is once again flanked by Famous B and Beautiful Brenda. The ending of this one… I wonder who is going to wear the trousers in that relationship!

Finally, it is Sexy’s chance at championship glory as the main event has arrived. Can the silver-winged warrior taste gold for the first time?

Thoughts: A super intriguing night in the Temple, but when is it not? This is the most compelling wrestling product on TV after all.

Kobra Moon’s interest (I wouldn’t call it infatuation) with Daga is seriously interesting. I don’t see them getting romantic. Seeing what Kobra has been like, this is going to get deadly. What was super cool to see was her do all of the devastating work, leaving Daga to pick the bones. He needed his first win and that was clearly on his mind, but I wonder if he knows how much of a trap he’s shut himself in. He’ll find out soon enough.

One thing I’m still not a fan of though – Kobra losing to Ivelisse a few weeks ago. Last night’s turn of events was shocking, but it would have been even moreso had Moon been undefeated. Giving up an undefeated streak would have been jaw-dropping. However, if this isn’t going down a romantic route – and I don’t think it is – then maybe that wouldn’t have worked. I may feel better about it when I know how this storyline works out. Her being undefeated may not have made this work. If I end up loving this angle, then it will all have been worth. We’ll see.

As for Sexy’s match, I feel that she can get lost at times amongst either stronger or quicker blokes in the ring with her, but I think this is one of her best performances in a multi-person match. Her crossbody to the outside was perhaps the best I’ve seen her hit, and it was cool watching her and The Mac team up, and then square off for a short time. While I find their friendship a little weird considering The Mac really was just in the right place at the right time to help her from Marty and Mariposa, it was sweet to see it play out. Unlike her past friendships with the likes of Superfly, I hope this one doesn’t turn sour.

What is next for Sexy? It seems like a GOTG feud has been set up, and she overcame her last major rival. Looking at who else is on the roster, I think I’d quite like Sexy to feud with either Jack Evans or PJ Black, or both of them alongside The Mac. Drago isn’t doing anything at the moment either, and he’s been on a losing streak as of late. Him turning heel and feuding her with would be fun to see. Whatever happens though, I’m bound to be impressed. Do your worst Dario!

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