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Lucha Underground Analysis (November 9, 2016): The ties that bind

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Welcome back to the Temple, Believers! Our headliner is a Grave Consequences match pitting Prince Puma against Mil Muertes. The ever enigmatic Catrina starts the show.

She eggs Mil on, telling him she wants Puma to be left gasping for air as his life leaves his body. She warns him if he loses, she will not bring him back.

In our next segment Kobra Moon makes another sneaky appearance.

Kobra asks Drago if he’s preparing for war. She mentions her tribe again but he stops her in her tracks. He said her tribe treated him like a slave. She then indicates that Daga is possibly dead and tells him that he shouldn’t want to suffer the same fate being torn apart by Lord Pintar? She says he’ll make Drago bow to her and obey her commands.

Next up is a five on five match. Dario Cueto assembled teams of competitors that had animosity between them. Killshot, Dante Fox (Killshot’s old war mate), Argenis, Texano, and Cage against the Mack, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Mariposa, Ivelisse, and Jeremiah Crane. The winning team got to participate in Aztec Warfare.

Jeremiah starts off for his team. There’s some back and forth action before Ivelisse is tagged in. She takes one for the team as she goes up against Cage. It’s not long before Maiposa gets a shot at Texano. But, she’s no match for him as she gets dispatched early. Cage and Texano continue to have beef outside with Argenis and the Mack fight. The match breaks down as Ivelisse breaks her ankle for the second time. Marty winds up picking up the win for his team. Jeremiah with LU staff take Ivelisse to the back.

Up next is our main event. Let’s watch:

After a hard fought battle Mil is finally able to put Puma away! He leaves the Temple in a casket, pleasing bot Mil and his queen.

Thoughts: As always another good episode that builds new feuds and ends story lines. It sucks that the five on five match is where Ivelisse breaks her ankle again. She just began a feud with Mariposa and Marty, what’s to become of her in the Temple now?

I find it frustrating that she gets so close to making a big impact and she gets hurt. I’m really pulling for her and hope we continue to see her on the sidelines even though she can’t compete in the ring. What I like most about LU is how they utilize all their talent. No one goes to waste, if someone isn’t as strong in the ring, they’re protected by other roles and their characters are expanded in vignettes. This really helps build talent and gives competitors time to hone their skills, whether as a valet, actor, or wrestler. Everyone has their part to play.

What was also interesting here is how Mariposa was out of her element a little bit against Texano. She’s been a relenting force with Marty in terrorizing the other luchadors and luchadoras. That wasn’t so here. It was curious to see her outmatched. I’d like to see her struggle with some adversity at some point.

Kobra Moon is killing it in her role so far. She’s being extra mysterious and I want to know more about her clan. Drago is a fantastic wrestler and I’d love to see them work together.

Now that Puma has been dispatched by Mil, who will Catrina and her man target next? What does this also mean for the Puma character? He was suckered into this match by Vampiro, will the hometown hero embrace the dark side for revenge? Will Catrina take his essence?

Next week is Aztec Warfare, who will walk out Lucha Underground Champion? I can’t wait to find out!

What did you think of this week’s episode? What do you think will happen to Ivelisse now? What do you think Kobra is up to? Who do you want to see defeat Matanza next week? Sound off in the comments below.

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