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Lucha Underground Analysis (October 11th, 2017): You may have won the battle but you didn’t win the war

Welcome back to the Temple this week, Believers! On tap for this week’s episode is the first ever Last Luchadora Standing Match.

Before Sexy Star became synonymous with her shady villainy in AAA earlier this year she was a hero in Lucha Underground. She stood up for battered women and empowerment, trying to give the meek a voice.

Now unfortunately the hero becomes a villain and the villain someone to root for. Taya has been a dominating force ever since she arrived on the scene. She’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to win and has stood toe to toe with the most violent characters in the Temple.

She wants to boot Sexy from the Temple for good and this match starts off the night.

At the beginning of the match Taya waves brass knuckles in Sexy’s face, asking her if she remembers them. Sexy then pulls out brass knuckles of her own.

Sexy then kicks Taya’s weapon out of her hands. Taya spears Sexy down and starts ground and pounding her. She brings Sexy to her feet and they trade off reversals before Sexy boots Taya in the face. Taya comes back with a clothes line but Sexy grounds her with a running hurricanrana. Sexy hits another one on Taya before Taya rolls out of the ring to recover.

Sexy jumps on the ring apron and goes for another headscissor but Taya catches her and runs over to the gaurd rail where she bashes Sexy’s body into it. Taya drags Sexy by her hair but Sexy starts fighting back.

Sexy and Taya trade blows beside the ring. Sexy catches her breath as Taya goes in on her again with kicks. Taya drags Sexy by the hair again to the commentary table where she starts bashing Sexy’s head on the table. Sexy collapses on the nearby chairs and Taya goes for a cannonball on her but Sexy gets up at the last minute and Taya tumbles into the chairs.

Sexy pounces on Taya with kicks. They then get into a slapping match. Sexy then kicks Taya’s leg and throws her into a door. Sexy creates some space in the audience and throws Taya into a steel grate. She then throws Taya into chairs at the commentary booth.

Sexy starts looking for weapons as the referee begins to count at Taya. Taya stirs and is now bleeding. Sexy hits Taya with a glass bottle and then starts grabbing tables. She kicks Taya again and drags her over to the table. Sexy bashes Taya’s head into the table.

Taya starts making a comeback and reverses Sexy into the table. Taya then drags Sexy back into the crowd where they continue to fight on the steps. Taya decks Sexy in the head and neck several times and then they exchange more hits.

Taya starts screaming and hits Sexy in the chest repeatedly. She throws Sexy down and Sexy rolls away. Taya walks off to grab another table. Taya piles that table on top of the first one. Taya then starts walking toward Sexy who is now on her feet. Taya kicks Sexy and they start trading blows again.

Taya runs at Sexy again but Sexy is able to hoist Taya up onto an enclave in the audience. They enter another slapping match in the crowd. They continue clubbing each other before Sexy begins taking control. They continue fighting in the crowd and trade more fists. They make their way onto the camera deck above the two stacked tables below.

Taya starts choking Sexy and they both fall into the tables below. The ref begins to count and right before the count of 10 Sexy slowly rises to her feet and she wins the match.

Taya commented on twitter about the finish:

The Reptile Tribe accompanied by Kobra Moon defend their Trios Titles against The Mack, Dante Fox, and Killshot. The unlikely trio would win the titles from the Tribe after a fast paced match that saw Mack, Fox, and Killshot take down the bigger and stronger men with an all out aerial assault.

Thoughts: It’s really unfortunate that I just can’t look at Sexy the same way again and it’s pretty uncomfortable for me to watch anything she’s involved in now.

I am also a tad puzzled by the outcome of this match. It’s the feel good win and that’s what Sexy gets but it was also the perfect time to put Taya over since back when this was taped Sexy wanted to focus less on wrestling and more on boxing. I was hoping this was going to be the way to write her off so I’m not sure where she goes from here at all.

The match itself was a brutal slug fest. We can pick apart how slow Sexy can be at times but Taya as her opponent presented a good opportunity at balance for Sexy’s abilities. Taya wearing a crimson mask so soon after Ivelisse wore one last week was a surprise. Though the women didn’t get too much fanfare this half of the season, they sure did get some of the more brutal matches and stipulations. I again appreciate how Taya is so willing to get so hardcore at a moments notice. It’s always a risk to bleed and that willingness to do so continues to put the women on the map in the Temple.

I was also surprised at the inclusion of the Trios Title defense. Kobra Moon and her Tribe also kind of disappeared for a while. It’s probably because there aren’t too many trios teams right now but it’s kind of unlike the brand to just drop something for no reason. That match was fantastic and a great payoff for all the hell The Mack has been through this season.

Kobra Moon continues to slay her role and I now feel she’s a bit too under utilized and I want to definitely see more from her and her team. If there is a Season 4, which seems to be more likely even if the network and LU are still negotiating at the moment, I expect a new and improved Kobra to be back since she has been training and gaining much more experience on the indies.

According to Cageside Seats Taya has indicated that she’d be back if there is a fourth season and I very much look forward to that. I hope we get some good news regarding that on the horizon. There’s just one more week left of Ultima Lucha Tres and next week could be the craziest yet with the battle for the gauntlet and more!

What did you think of last night’s episode? How do you feel about the outcome of the Last Luchadora Standing Match? Sound off in the comments below.

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