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Lucha Underground Analysis (October 12th, 2016): Overcoming the numbers game

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Welcome back to the Temple believers! Last week Dario Cueto made a match between Jack Evans and Sexy Star for this week’s episode, further aggravating Johnny Mundo who’s looking for any way to get his hands on the Lucha Underground Championship. He took his loss in stride, will he or the rest of Worldwide Underground interfere in the bout?

Before we get to the match, however, we’re teased again with a vignette highlighting the White Rabbit clan. It’s unclear whether its a male, female, or mixed group right now but, they are coming.

Additionally, commentary announces a match for next week pitting Mil Muertes against Prince Puma. That should be a good one as both Mil and Catrina have been hunting Puma down.

Let’s get to the match!

Both make their entrances, Sexy looking like a magical girl princess come to life (YES! I LOVE THIS LOOK!).

Jack demands the mic before the match starts. He says he’s nothing if not a fair man, but this is a fair warning: this is the last match Sexy will ever take flight in as Melissa Santos will announce him, not as the dragon slayer, but as the star destroyer after the bout!

Sexy slaps the words right from his mouth as they square off. Jack tells her to wait as she goes right after him. He dropkicks her and then starts posturing to the crowd. She slaps him hard as they go back and forth. She dropkicks him out of the ring and comes after him on the floor.

She drags him by his hair as she pounces on him, tossing him to the side. She kicks him and throws him into the post. They both take it back to the ring as Sexy flies right at him but Jack moves out of the way ans she flies into the turnbuckle. He gets her in a rest hold. They go back and forth again as Sexy catches him with a hurricanrana and boot.

They square up again but Jack kicks her and throws her to the ground. He knees her and throws her to the ground again. He stands her up and rubs her face into the turnbuckle telling her to eat it. Jack goes for a back handspring into an eye rake. Sexy reverses an irish whip and begins hitting Jack with her legs and body.

She slaps him and takes him down with a modified Gory Special. She sets him up in the corner but as she comes at him Jack kicks her in the face! He sets her up for a flying stunner and Sexy goes down for the count. She kicks out and Jack positions her for an aerial maneuver but she throws him off the turnbuckle.

Sexy flies to the outside. The crowd chants “Lucha!” as she kicks him repeatedly. PJ Black makes his way to the ring with a kendo stick to distract the referee as Johnny comes out of nowhere and spears Sexy. He rolls her into the ring and hides. Jack goes for a pin but Sexy refuses to quit.

Aerostar and Drago come out and go after Johnny and PJ. Fenix rushes in to distract the ref from a pin attempt by Jack. Sexy grabs the kendo stick as the refs back is turned and unloads on Jack with a low blow. She retains the title.

Thoughts: What a really good match. Jack and Sexy have great chemistry together. They worked really well and it wasn’t a stretch for either of them to go over. It’s important Sexy continues to retain though to further the feud. At some point Johnny and Sexy are going to square off but not before she goes through the whole team, possibly.

I am a huge fan of Sexy but I must admit, sometimes her pace does slow down but here, any jitters that she had were thrown to the wayside as she went after Jack right away with such intensity. What I love most about Sexy’s character is that she has layers. She’s not a one dimensional face. She taps into her rage when necessary and she can toe the line with getting even. She’s well rounded and I’m also glad this win didn’t feel like a fluke for her.

Her previous battles have sometimes seemed like a struggle but when she’s confident and has a good dance partner, she can unload when the story calls for it. Where do we go from here? Well, sooner or later she’ll wind up cashing in the title or continue to face challengers for the Gift of the Gods Championship. I look forward to either. Her matches so far have felt a bit varied and that’s definitely one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most.

Next week’s match between Mil and Puma is curious. I’m wondering what Catrina will do to get her hands on him. Puma’s character has been through the ringer, maybe he’ll pledge his allegiance to the dark side to try and gather some wins again?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think Sexy will fight next? Who is in the White Rabbit clan? Sound off in the comments below.

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