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Lucha Underground Analysis (September 7, 2016): Welcome to the Temple, we have fun and games

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Welcome back to the Temple Believers! We only had to wait a month and a half to find out the fate of our proprietor Dario Cueto. What awaits him and our luchadoras this season? Let’s dive straight into the action.

After being in prison for what seems like a short time, some powerful connection bails Dario out. He returns to Boyle Heights with some new ideas and a new toy. He unveils a contraption called Dario’s Dial of Doom. This new thing will determine who will face Matanza and tonight Son of Havoc has the lucky, or unlucky, honor of facing him for a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship.

Following that match Worldwide Underground visits Dario in his office.

Johnny Mundo demands a title shot. Dario shoots him down, telling him the last time Johnny was in his ring he cost his team the Trios Titles. Johnny claims he’s good for it and then we get a flashback of the group harrassing and beating down Angelico.

Dario says what a great story, however, Johnny is not worthy, Taya is and later on she will face Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Championship.

After this meeting we head down to the ring where Ivelisse is standing by.

Ivelisse calls out Catrina for costing her, her match against Taya at the end of last season. She says she wants to fight Catrina at Ultima Lucha III. Catrina, ever the mystical one,  appears out of thin air and accepts her challenge. Catrina says, “Bring It!”

We then get to our match for the Gift of the Gods Championship! Let’s watch.

Both women tie up as commentary notes that this is the first time the championship has been defended and Sexy could be the first to successfully defend it.

Both women chain wrestle and perform a series of reversals before Sexy flips Taya down. Both match each other with clothes lines before meeting face to face in the ring. Both women begin slapping each other. They make several exchanges before Taya starts whipping Sexy by her hair. She begins dominating the champion, whipping her into the corner where she plants Sexy with a double knee.

Taya attempts a pin but Sexy kicks out. Taya plants her again and goes up to perform a moonsault but Sexy rolls out of the way. Sexy fires back with elbows and clotheslines and takes her down on the outside of the ring. However, Taya catches Sexy back in the ring with a crossbody into a slam. Worldwide Underground comes out and starts distracting the referee. But Sexy captializes on the chaos instead and puts Taya away with a rollup.

After the bout Taya and her boys start pummeling her. The current Trios Champions make the save, possibly also setting up a feud and some mixed tag action down the line.

Thoughts: What a great start for this season! I love everything they are doing. Once again LU changes the game in just one hour. Other promotions need to take notes as to how to advance storylines and combine that with impeccable in-ring action in a short amount of time. LU also continues to make history as Sexy becomes the first champion to successfully defend the Gift of the Gods title. YAY!

Let’s start off with our first short segment between the baddest bitch and Catrina. SPOILERS I know Ivelisse suffers an injury this season so I commend them setting this up for the end. This also begins building even more tension and prepares the audience for possible surprises  as we’re already salivating at the prospect of seeing them both go in the ring. Catrina continues to amaze me at every turn, changing the valet game. I can not thank LU enough for promoting their female talent this way. Every time she’s on screen Catrina has such presence, it’s wonderfully refreshing.

The match between Sexy and Taya was good. They are both evenly matched and another bout between them piques my interest. We’re starting to see Taya come out of her shell and it’s very welcoming. I feel like she has way more up her sleeve this season and if her recent AMA is any indication she’ll be getting more involved as the season rolls on. I also love the subtle character work here. Taya is unhinged, only really seeming to care about her boys winning matches but not reacting to her own losses. She gets into the ring and just wants to throw down. I’m curious where this could go. It’s an intriguing character trait.

Sexy Star continues to be one of my favorites and even though she is the champion, I like that they are still continuing her baby face story of having to fight tooth and nail to keep the title. It’s only her first defense but I’m looking forward to see who tries to snatch the title from her.

Who will Sexy’s next challenger be? What does this season have in store for Kobra Moon, Black Lotus, and Mariposa? Will other women make an appearance in the Temple? I have so many questions and I’m sure Lucha Underground will deliver.

What did you think of last night’s LU? Who do you want to see face Sexy Star? How would you book this season? Sound off in the comments below.

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